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A Sure Win Win Stragedy For Upsc

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i am vasudev dutta. i am currently pursuing law from well reowned college.

i am goig to tell you best plan for clearing upsc.

three simple steps are

you are going for a war.yes upsc is a war u have to order to win the war battle must be won first.


          Battle are

1) prilims




5)correct sallybus

6)correct plan


3 main stpes are

1) collecting weapon of mass distruction (sallybus)

2) using it properly and systemtically

3) aftermath


1 step

sallybus is main of all.collect the right material.first write down what is to be study.and dont buy all the books at once. taking example there are main 5 subject..history eco geo polity etc. first of all start away with let is be ncrt .first complete it the ncrt material then move on to next material. please follow good sites like inidan officer mrunal and insight on india.beoz very experinced team is working on this site.

i will completelt tell you about how to and what to collect material with my next post .  i will surely tell what is asked by ny member of indian officer ,.ask me doubts and any topic u seek to study..and all peple are welcome to be in touch wid me.. i want to make up a group containg best and serious asiprant so that we can motivate each other and crush goals toghter

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