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Hindu editorial


Hindu editorial


I have tried writing concise of hindu editorial

please read it and give ur feedback in comments so that i can improve my newspaper reading abilities

14th Dec, Hindu editorial

This editorial deals with India-China trade imbalance.

The key points are:

* China is the largest importer of India’s iron ore

* Every month 9 million tonnes of iron ore is shipped from India to China

* China ships to India various manufactured goods ranging from locks to power equipments

* Today China is helping India in infrastructure development, telecom expansion and power sector development

* This has resulted in a record bilateral trade(expected to cross 60 billion $), making china the largest trade partner. But the trade deficit that india has with China is unsustainable

* Trade deficit has quadrupled in the last 5 years from 4 to 16 billion $

* Deficit with China makes up 20% of India’s deficit

* India’s strengths lie in IT, engineering products and Pharmaceuticals sector

* But they haven’t been able to penentrate into Chinese markets because of china’s artificial trade barriers

* TCS is the only IT company which has won a contract for a chinese company

* Also our labour laws and comparatively higher wages make indian goods uncompetetive in china’s markets

* The widening trade deficit has been source of tension in the bilateral relations

* Last year, maximum anti-dumping investigations against China was filed by India

* Indian industrialists are calling for import duties on chinese goods as cheap Chinese goods are crippling domestic industry

* However things are changing for the good now

* With labour shortages, demographic changes and increasing labour wages, china’s export competetiveness is on the decline

* India also needs to make amends in its house. Some of them are

* Rationalise labour laws

* Improve infrastructure

* Provide right subsidies to specific sectors


* Expand tourism

* Allow China into Indian manufacturing sector

* Improve financial cooperation between the two

* Establish a free trade area

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I might not be the best person to comment, but I am an avid reader of the Hindu and its editorials. While you have marked out almost all the salient points covered by the article, try writing a precis with all these points articulated coherently in a meaningful passage. Might help even more by bringing in structured thought and seeping the gist into your subconscious.

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Using mrunal note making tools you can do it in lessesr time with more clarity.. and by the way numbering and bulleting needs more attention...any way good work. my comment are to betterize your performance..

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