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Devyani Khobragade incident


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Most prevalent view is that India is rightly reacting because USA has snub India by deliberately attacking its diplomats and on the other hand few people thing that India is overeating.

      My view on this is that India is overreacted. we did not react when India was featured among the top targets of USA snooping even above the china.  neither we had reacted on nondelivery of anything from US side on nuclear deal , the deal for which PM jeopardized his government in 2009.

         international relations are based on reciprocity . why at the first palace we have given privileges  to US diplomats in India what were not enjoyed by their Indian counterpart. Removing them now, certainly not giving a good signal to the world.    


lastly, I don't understand why India is ignoring the fact that servant is also an Indian. 

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