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  1. Hi, Has anyone joined or heard any reviews from your know circle of people as to how the online coaching is or is it worth subscribing to it ?? Your feedback is valuable as it might help many people who can save time from traveling. Thank you.
  2. Hi to all, Please suggest how to study G.S for prelims if one have to start from scratch as we have now limited time, what should we study or what are the useful books that offer good content for study. Also, suggest some coaching institute in delhi that offer weekend classes for G.S. Thanks Rajesh Kumar Gupta
  3. Please share your CSAT-2011 experiences here, how were the papers ? Yours expectations and good and bad experiences..........
  4. if a bill is passed in parliament and sent for the president's approval, If president has sent it back to the parliament for reconsideration but it has been sent back to president without any changes by parliament , then what are options with president in such scenario? i) can still withhold the bill ii) has to give his accent
  5. Can i opt for Psychology for mains? one last que .. that how many hours u study per day?
  6. Hi friends, can anyone please suggest as to how do I prepare notes from the hindu? I get lost and its takes a lot of time. If anyone can show a preview of his/her newspaper notes , it would be of great help. thanks
  7. 24 WAYS TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF • Put your plans on paper. Spell out your goals and ways to reach them. • Be specific. The advice you give yourself must be such that you can put it into practice. • Break the task down into small pieces so that you can handle them easily. • Establish checkpoints on your progress as well as rewards. • Remind yourself of the benefits you expect from your tasks completion. • Avoid temptations and circumstances that might sidetrack you. • Recognize your limitations. Don’t set unrealistic goals. • Take advantage of your own energy peaks! • Use negative motivation. Remind yourself of the consequences of inaction. • Keep a time-control budget. Don’t let one task take control over others. • Set deadlines and hold yourself to them. • Make an honest distinction between “I can’t” and “I don’t want to”. • Get started now. Don’t stall. • Improve your self-persuasion ability. Learn the difference between reasoning and rationalizing. • Be optimistic. Your chances for success will increase. • Decide how you want to start, what needs to be done first. • Read, especially literature related to your situation. • Use self-signaling devices – notes, signs, cues, reminders. • Promise yourself rewards. • Use the stimulation provided by good news to do extra work. • Recognize conflicts and make a choice. • Give yourself the right to make mistakes. No one is perfect. • Exercise your sense of humor. Laughter indicates a realistic point of view.
  8. [Role of Media] Are they playing it right? & their role in National integration Your views and counter views are very welcome and kindly requested The 'Media' I'm referring to is not The Hindu / Indian Express etc but the media that reaches to the masses, e.g Vernacular Press, Aaj Tak, Star News, Zee News etc. [h1]1<sup>st</sup> of all: what is / should be the role of media?[/h1] the media has a moral duty that goes beyond the routine "displaying facts and interviewing people and doing sms polls". The Moral duty is… Exposing corruption / inefficiency of Govt. – asking questions, gathering public opinion. Exposing the ill-practices in Religion: witch doctors, solar eclipse, child illness etc. society: female infanticide, dowry, caste violence, rural / poor people's problem, Maoists. [*]National integration by covering all problems from each part of the country. [*]Educating people about the matters of international / scientific / medical importance. [*]Cherishing the achievements of Honest citizens/officers (and politicians, if any) / social workers / inventors/scientists/etc. Sportsmen and women (other than cricketers) Army men living in harsh weather conditions of borders. [*]*please add your list in this* Now lets see what media is doing nowadays>> [h1]End of the World[/h1] Before going to this topic, a flashback-Previously there was 'Large Headron Collider', and the media predicted the end of the World. And instead of directly giving the mission details, they'd sensationalize everything like<insert style="background-image: url();" danger="" sounding="" loud="" music,="" red="" flashing="" text=""> </insert> Kya ye Maut ki machine hai? (क्या ये मौत कि मशीन है?) [is it the machine of death?] Kya hoga Dharti ka aant issse (क्या होगा धरती का अंत ईससे?) [will it cause the end of the world ?] **Add some more poetic verses to attract and scare people** Now after giving an introduction like this, their host starts talking, and the exact details and purpose of the entire Headron mission will be given at the end of the program (only for 5 minutes) but for the rest 25 minutes, they'll talk in detail about all the negative things and possibilities regarding the mission. [h2]Result of that Headron coverage[/h2] One man died of heart attack watching the it Another teen girl committed suicide thinking this was going to end the world (Reference) Masses run to holy rivers, holy temples and holy priests: offer prayer, rituals, donations – This time, money and work hours could have been used in something more productive. [h2]Fast forward to the new toy : Mayan Calendar ,2012[/h2] Past few weeks, the media anchors got a new toy to play with, known as Mayan Calendar which predicts the end of the world in 2012 by some sort of giant meteorite collision. Again insert those red flashing texts here, and the trailer clips from the movie 2012. They'll add the issue of Glaciar melting and rise in ocean level to it- again flash the facts like how much of glaciar was lost (they'll flash it for 10 minutes but won't talk for the reasons and steps a common Indian man should take to prevent it.) Possible Result of 2012's Coverage Refer point #3 of previous headron coverage's result = money making business for priests and holymen. No one has died in heart attack / suicide due to fear of 2012 yet but I see it coming soon. [h1]Terrorism[/h1] Some news channels (like Aaj Tak) spend 70% of their time showing Taliban and drone attack and paki bomb blast coverage. And if Union Govt. issues some terror alert to states (which they do every 3<sup>rd</sup> day) or if Govt. beefs of security of something (nuke station / airport) [which again they do every 4<sup>th</sup> day] then its Christmas time for the news channels : covering it 24/7 until they get some other thing to sensationalize.Now you might say that its good because then people would keep an eye on the suspicious activities, things and people around them when Govt. has alerted them on possible terror strike- but are we Indians so immature that we need nagging about it every 3<sup>rd</sup> day? + so much terrorism coverage makes It look like India is very vulnerable to terrorists and its unsafe to live in India. (If you were a foreign tourist/ businessman watching these terror sensationalizing news – would you come to India?) I'm not saying that we shouldn't cover it but there is no reason why media should be talking about it 70% time of our day. [h2]David Headly / Rana[/h2] Another routine feature nowadays, media spending almost 70% of their time on this duo. Their connection with Bollywood, their stay in different cities of India, their involvement in 26/11 its important news but I don't think they deserve so much of news air-time, when there are other important issues at hand. Like there is nothing else happening in india and the world -worth talking about. [h2]7<sup>th</sup> Dossier & Self Esteem[/h2] Yesterday Govt. of india gave 7<sup>th</sup> dossier regarding terror evidences of 9/11. Reminds me of the schooldays when some class bully keeps teasing and beating you , you complaint to teacher and no action is taken. On one hand the same ministers say pakis are not acting on the evidences provided by them and on the other hand they give more evidences. When we are certain nothing is going to happen then why sell off our self esteem with every dossier to pakis? Why a Real man (which india is) should expect justice from a eunuch (which Pakistan was, is and shall remain forever). But this again is a non-issue for media. [h2]1 year to 26/11 and Kasab is not hanged yet![/h2] We should let the law take its course. i.e if verdict goes against Kasab, let him appeal in High Court then Supreme Court and finally Mercy petition to President (if Kasab takes one year to justice- even after having a special court for him, how much time a common man's case will take in a common court?) More than a hundred witnesses have to be examined and thousands of pages worth chargesheets is to be read so it takes time. Now in this case if one witness proves he killed people- Maximum punishment he can get is death. if 100 witness prove he killed people- Maximum punishment he can still get is death. So why waste everyone time? [*]If we immediately hang him we wouldn't be able to extract more info from him [*]First the involvement of pakis in 26/11 must be 'exposed' via him in the court room and pakis must be humiliated for it. Now my question : [h2]Expose and Humiliate pakis in front of whom?[/h2] America / EU / Western World You think they don't know about it already? you think they'll stop giving aid /visa to Pakis? [*]Indians (show me an Indian that thinks pakis are not involved ) [*]many poor people in the distant rural parts of India who have no access to TV/ newspapers, they might even not know who's kasab? What is difference between PM / CM / President /Governer? .. but in that case we are humiliating ourselves for failure to improve their lives. I'm not saying hang kasab next minute. (Perhaps he can give more info on David Headly issue) but atleast media shouldn't go mute on it. But this again is a non-issue for media. [h1]Sports Coverage[/h1] [h2]Glorifying our sportsmen (other than crickers)[/h2] There aren't many opportunities for sportsmen and women in hockey, football, chess, badminton, billiards, swimming, atheletics, boxing, wrestling etc: to earn lot money, compared to opportunities available to the cricketers. But they've RIGHT TO EARN OUR RESPECT, FAME AND RECOGNITION, which can only be secured by the media. But in reality, for the media- Saina Nehwal or Vijindar Singh aren't worth giving even half hour coverage. [h2]Yesterday: Sri Lanka's 591 Runs[/h2] Media got a refreshing change from the routine 2012 / Taliban coverage when our cricketers gave them a new issue : 591 Runs by Sri Lanka in Motera Stadium's Test match and how our players were white washed by them. So expect those 30 minutes coverage every 2<sup>nd</sup> hour for next few days till something new comes. [h2]Positive side[/h2] if you're a non-cricket sportsman then you wouldn't get 2 hours criticism every day in case you fail in some game (unlike the cricketers) hence you wouldn't get Demoralized or demotivated from your failure. [h1]International events[/h1] [h2]Obama's "Tibet belongs to China" Comment[/h2] Obama went to China (& pleased Hu Jintao by saying Tibet belongs to China) , Obama hasn't come to india & said "Kashmir Belongs to India" (to please Manmohan Singh) Obama goes to China but did not come to Delhi (which is just a half hour's ride for his superfast air-force one from China!) Instead Manmohan Singh is going to Washinton next week to meet him. this shows that either India isn't that important or powerful/hard nation that the President of United States should pay a visit to it. (are we a soft state?) India can't play mind games and ransom tactics like Chinese but acts like an obedient employee and would oblige to all Climate change / economy issues unlike China. Obama thinks that since we are purchasing nuke material from them / or that they already have done us the favor by getting us through N.S.G. hence we don't deserve much attention right now but I guess this is a non-important issue for media.there is nothing to sensationalize in this news so media isn't covering it. (and our media men lack the knowledge of foreign policy beyond Pakistan / Taliban , to talk anything really meaningful on this.) [h2]G8-WTO-Climate Change[/h2] What was the last time did you see any decent coverage of it by our media, That'd inform a common man about the positive and negative aspects of them with out going in to technical jargon and statistical graphs?Kids falling in bore-well Thieves steal the lids of borewells, or Govt. forgets to put lids on the first place.In either case some poor Kid falls in it, gets 24/7 media attention until he is rescued or declared dead. What was the last time you saw a media man doing coverage of other lid-less bore wells after the episode was over? What was the last time when a media man tried to investigate find where all those lids go? [h1]National integration & Role of media[/h1] [h2]Crime[/h2] If someone is robbed, committed suicide or killed in accident in Delhi- its shown in headlines. Media is addicted to sensational crime reporting, but the crimes happened in other states/ places will find place only in their special 'crime reporter' program- but rarely in the 'headlines' [h2]Naxal / Maoists[/h2] Their attacks are rarely reported for more than 2-5 minutes. (except the last hijack of Rajdhani Express but then there was no follow up- media stopped covering it from on 3<sup>rd</sup> day.)Result The news are heavily biased – covering more about things important for urban centres. The problem of poor states rarely finds coverage. (except Madhu Koda but now they forgot him because we've got David Headly.) The people of North / West states are uninformed of the problems of other areas (South/NE./Red corridor) The people of Southern / North Eastern states won't watch these news channels (as they see no coverage of their areas) and would see their own regional channels = they also remain uninformed of the problems of North / West India. this in turn creates a passive psychological unawareness –lack of sensitivity of the urban people that their problems (of the poor states) are not our problems. Anything good or bad happening in South India or North East India is again not our concern=harm to national integration. . + Christmas Time for politicians because their failure to curb insurgency/maoists is not exposed by media. [h2]Rural / Urban integration[/h2] Drinking water/ sewage/ traffic problems of cities would get more attention by media men.The problem of rural people that rarely find coverage in media- payment of NREGA Wages (Airlines strikes is more imp.) education – absenteeism of teachers (rise in fees in Delhi's Posh schools / admission problems are more imp.) medical facilities (Seasonal Dengue coverage in Delhi is more imp than the 2 Lakh people dying from TB in rural areas every year.) identification of beneficiaries / BPL list (scandals of plot allotment in Delhi Housing board is more imp.) again this creates a barrier in rural / urban integration because people on each side would think that the problems of other side are not important. + Christmas Time for politicians because their failure to bring change in rural areas is not exposed by media. Besides too much coverage of terrorism (urban India's problem) and too less coverage of Maoist (rural /tribal India's problem) = harm to integration. [h1]The counter argument to all this[/h1] if you don't like news turn of the tv if you feel there is so much wrong in Indian media – start your own TV channel the national integration is politicians' responsibility. Media shows what people want to see. If they start showing boring things, they'll lose advertisement revenue. [h1]Conclusion:- [/h1] Media shows the things people want to see. (the kids always want to play games and avoid school- but it's the responsibility of the parents to send them to school –get them educated.) hence media should never forget their moral duty of educating the people rather than entertaining (and scaring) them.
  9. Expected cut off in csat 2013 and your scores
  10. Hello friends, This is poll regarding how much time each one of you devotes to these daily activities.
  11. [h1]Introduction[/h1] I am Mohammed Y Safirulla (Roll No: 080934) and I have got Rank 55 in Civil Services Exam-2009. I am writing this on the request of Mrunal to describe my preparation strategy. I would be happy if this is of some help to Civil Service aspirants. About me: I completed my Engineering from ‘PSG College of Technology’ in 2003. I then worked in TCS for 2 years. After writing CAT in 2005 I secured admission in T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) for PGDM. I completed PGDM in 2007. Since then, I am working with IBM as SAP Consultant. [h1]General Studies[/h1] Ans:News Paper: I referred 'The Hindu' News paper during the last 2 years. I used to take notes for any analysis in this paper. Any center page article which appears to be important I used to cut that and document in a file. Magazine: Competition Chronicle. TV: DD News and Lok Sabha Channel (‘Public Form’ – The New Analysis show from 11 to 12 PM every night) Constitution and Freedom Movement: Referred Prelims Xerox of Brilliant Tutorials Aptitude: R.S Agarwal I tried to focus less on data intensive areas and focused on my strengths i.e. Economics, Aptitude and Current affairs. I relied more on Internet to collect data for GS. [h1]Preparation for Options[/h1] [h1]Sociology[/h1] Ans: My Optional for Prelims was Sociology. For Mains it was Sociology and Management. For Sociology I got guidance from Mrs. Ananya Sharma, who had written the Mains earlier. My Friend and I took guidance from her. Further, I analyzed previous 15 years QPs for Prelims and Mains. I made notes after analyzing them. Source was mainly Internet and the book by C/N Shankar Rao. [h1]Management [/h1] For Management I referred my Books (from PGDM days). Here too, I prepared notes. For 2010 Exam (which I did not take) General Studies preparation, I attended the free GS test series conducted by Namma IAS in Bangalore. I wanted to attend the test series so that I could meet other aspirants and to identify the benchmarks. For both GS and Optionals I prepared lot of notes from Internet. I believe this gave maximum returns. It is possible to revise notes in short duration (Eg: 2 hours gap between Paper 1 and Paper 2 for Optional in Mains). We can also keep adding points to the topics subsequently. [h1]Essay[/h1] Ans:No special preparation for essay. [h1]Working professional and time Management [/h1] Ans:Few things that I did, - Motto of studying for at least 4 hours every working day. Sleep only after study of 4 hours is complete. Absolutely no compromise on this. - The study time does not include the time spent for watching News or Browsing on Internet (for whatever). - During weekends, study for at least 7 hours each day - Alternate days in weekdays for Optional and GS. Both Optional and GS during Weekends. - Maintain a chart which indicates the effort in Hours for Optional/GS. In my calendar I have entries which indicate how many hours I spent each day from Jan 2009 to October 22nd 2009 for Optional and GS - As far as possible I avoided Social gatherings like Friends get together, Attending Marriages etc… In short, save every possible minute that you can. - I kept the only few close friends and relatives updated about my Civil Service aspiration and progress in the exam. [h1]Motivation -maintaining the rhythm[/h1] Ans:I also experienced this problem. There were days when there was intense self doubt! During those days I tried not to push myself too much. I focused on reading News Papers and economics during those days. [h1]Interview[/h1] The following are the questions asked in my Interview. The order and words in questions are not the same. I tried to recollect as far as I could.Chairman: You are Mohammed Y Safirulla…. How can I call you. ? You are working in SAP. Is it not something that integrates Human resources, Finance etc... Can you explain what the work you do? You are already in IT sector which is challenging. Why do you want to get into Civil services? Member 1: You have done a lot of work in corporate sector. There is lot of hierarchy in Public services. You will not get the kind of freedom that you used to get in Private sector. Do you think you will fit in the Government setting? There might be no rewards even when you perform well. What is reward for you? Is it Power, Authority, Public Service or Money? About the Shoaib and Sania Marriage in Hyderabad, What is Nikkahnama? Can marriages in Islam happen over phone? If you were in the position of Police Commissioner of Hyderabad would you take the Passport of Shoaib? Do you think it was correct? What is the difference between Administration and Management? Have you ever got into a fight with your Boss? Explain what happened? If your peon takes money (corruption) of Rs. 5 (say), What action would you take against him? What were the options available to you after you completed your MBA in Finance? Why you got into IT then? Member 2: Is PDGM and MBA the same? Why do you want to get into Civil services from Corporate Sector? Based on the explanation of the difference between Administration and Management (which I answered to Member 1) what is the role of a District Collector? Does he perform ‘Administration’ or ‘Management’ role? How will your knowledge of Engineering and Management be useful for you in Civil Services? Are the same principles of success valid in corporate sector relevant in Government Services as well? You have spent a long time in Corporate sector (I have spent 5 years). I think you will not fit in Government Services. What are the fundamentals of India’s Foreign Policy? But Panchsheel is also present in UN Charter right? Where is it present? (I explained about Panchsheel in the earlier question). Member 3: What is the famous PSU in Salem? What is Namakkal famous for ? (It is a district near Salem, TN) Religious places in Namakkal. About Coimbatore. What is it called as? What is it famous for? What are the reasons for development of Software sector in India? Reasons for Financial Crisis in 2008-09. What are your views on it? Is Ethics taught in Management Schools? The excess greed of Management graduates is also a reason for Financial Crisis. Your views. What is the reason for Cost and Time Overrun in ‘Mega Projects’? How can those be addressed? Member 4: You mentioned about ‘Profit Maximization’ objective of corporate sector? Talking about Derivatives, do you think they should be banned? You did your engineering then worked for 2 years. Again you did PGDM and then again into IT sector. Now you want to get into Civil Services. I think you are a confused person. You have studied ‘Electronics’ in Engineering. What do you know about ‘Electronics’ Industry in India? You talked about SAP (ERP). Can such models be used to determine unforeseen situations? Eg: Monsoon failures etc... What is the relevance of such models then? Chairman: Assume you are in a foreign country. Now give me a plan to promote tourism in Tamilnadu. (my home state). Have you filled for any other service apart from IAS? If selected will you join other services? Ok. Thank you. Your interview is over. I would like to convey to aspirants that is it possible to clear Civil Services exam without attending big coaching institutes and while working. Many have cleared in the past and many will continue to do. Please have confidence in your efforts. In case there are queries, I will respond in IO from my ID. Please do let me know if I can offer assistance in any other aspect. Wish you all the best. Safi (Mohammed Y Safirulla)
  12. Hi, Please tell me about which ate the most time efficient debates to watch for improving pros and cons about a topic..
  13. Hello everyone, I have just begun my preparations. Can somebody provide a list of relevant documentaries which I can watch to pass my time in between my preparation?
  14. guys its high time we shud make a thread for final result...result is just round the corner(may be within a week)...anxiety is at its peak and life has almost come to the let us come together,talk and brace ourselves for final result...i wish all the members good luck....
  15. I was super confident this year but didn't get through . Anyway, I talked to my friends in Delhi (few of whom were very confident but didn't get through) and they are saying that people with pub. adm. and geog. have been screwed this time while people with science and literature optionals have done well. There seems to be some weight in the argument above because two of my college mates with engineering optionals cleared this year in their first attempt. Obviously, I'm not doubting their potential but am disappointed and just want some solace. What's the opinion of people here ?
  16. I request every1 on the forum to post their PubAd scores. Will help us in getting an idea about the evaluation this time. Mine ... pathetic but still making it public [TABLE=width: 537, align: center] [TR] [TD] OPTIONAL-I(PUBLIC ADMIN.) (PAPER-VI) [/TD] [TD=align: center] 64 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] OPTIONAL-I(PUBLIC ADMIN.) (PAPER-VII) [/TD] [TD=align: center] 92 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Thanks
  17. hello to evryone reading this ive been at this(pursuit of happiness via UPSC cse.the phrase in itself is like an oxymoron) for about a year now n lately it feels like i was more serious at the scheduling n keeping up study time n obsessing over time used vs. time squandered in the early stages as against now. ironically the time to be absolutely committed n focussed is right now as the prelims looms around the corner.. well my asocial existence is kinda creeping up on me. i know i cant afford to be lethargic now n hence the venture into indianofficer to vent..:confused: . so essentially im hoping to find out that im not the only one riding the rough seas to meet with the kingmaker(obviously the UPSC). and yes the loneliness n frustration does come in cyles, but of course the mind acknowledges that emotions have no place on the path to glory. btw im a doctor, ive quit saving lives for good. the dream is to trade THE STETHOSCOPE for THE HOME MINISTRY'S REVOLVER at the passing out parade of 67RR in nov 2015 in SVPNPA. the INDIAN POLICE SERVICE - my lifes calling. im already feeling better just penning down random thoughts. thanks to anyone whos reading n to all who share the sense of pleasurable desperation as we gear up for BATTLE ROYALE...
  18. Dear all I have a query...2 to be precise. And i seek the replies of my learned brethren. I am currently in a central service from 2010 exam and will be getting another central service from 2012 exam. My query is: 1. I want a continuation in service, without break. in that case, can I seek exemption from FC and continue in my present service and then give a technical resignation in December when departmental training starts and join the new service? I have applied "Through Proper Channel" so relieving should not be an issue here. Is exemption given for preparation and will it be considered wrong if I continue to be in job? 2. What is the quantum of time I can have in the transition phase i.e. after 'technically' resigning from last service and joining new service? Any suggestions and feedback will be welcome.
  19. Hi All, I am targeting 2013. Seeing the huge amount of syllabus I just get lost and don't understand where to begin and how to move forward. I am staying abroad so don't have access to coaching also. Can anyone give me any suggestion on how to move ahead at a steady pace as I have considerable time left. Thanks, Laxmi
  20. Request every1 on the forum to post their Anthro scores. Will help us in getting an idea about the evaluation this time. [TABLE=width: 537, align: center] [TR] [TD] OPTIONAL-II(ANTHROPOLOGY) (PAPER-VIII) [/TD] [TD=align: center] 76 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] OPTIONAL-II(ANTHROPOLOGY) (PAPER-IX) [/TD] [TD=align: center] 122 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  21. Hi, I am Sunil, currently studying Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras. I wish to take the Civil Services Examination in 2016, my graduating year. I look forward to spending some really useful time in this website for preparation for CSE. Thanks.
  22. Hi all Aspirants, I am working in a well reputed IT company and believe me its haunting me every day i am just wasting time working for others. I just searched all the career option and at last i just stopped by the best among all The Civil service. A career for yourself and your country. I don't have any idea how to start,what to read and how much to read,its like i have to start from scratch. Please light me up and help me in achieving my goal. Thanks
  23. Hi All, Very good day to you all, I am Siddharth. Aiming for CSE 2015. I am a working professional and find it hard to take time out of my schedule to prepare. But as its always said. "Time nikalta nahi; Nikalna padta hai." I am in the very initial stage of my preparation and looking for some guidance about how to start and go about the preparations. Hope to hear a lot from all the senior members. Thanks in advance, Kind Regards, Siddharth
  24. Hello everyone, I went through the basics of all the three subjects and found them all similar to me (in terms of taste). So, I am thinking to select any one of them based on how concise their syllabus are. So, experienced members please advise what is the subject with the most concise syllabus? If you have any other optional subject suggestion for me (with very concise syllabus like PubAd), please let me know as I will go through the basics and see if I am okay with the same. PS: I haven't decided on the optional subjects so I want to spend some time going through the basics of 3,4 subjects and select the one that fits me most. But I DO NOT WANT to take up any optional that has a VAST syllabus and unpredictable questions. Thanks.
  25. Hi Everyone... This is Sunil here, an Engineer, having more than 8 years of experience in Banks at Managerial position. Was working in Singapore. Am appearing for CSE for the very first time. I am glad to find the community and friends and supporters as well like you people here. Thankyou.