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Found 342 results

  1. How to subscribe to Yojana, Kurukshetra, Chronicle, Wizard For success in UPSC civil service IAS IPS exam, it Is necessary to refer to certain magazines. Many friends have difficulties in finding out how to subscribe to them. So I’m posting the subscription address , price etc Magazines by Govt. Yojana (for Govt. schemes / policies on poverty removal, energy, education etc) Kurukshetra (for rural Development , women,SC/ST empowerment – must for those with Public Administration optional) How to subscribe? you've to send Money order (100/- per year for each magazine) to following address Business Manager, Publication Division , Ministry of I&B, East block-IV level -VII R.K.Puram, New Delhi - 11003 in the MO, specify your address and which magazine you want to subscribe along with the language in which you want to read it. e.g. Yojana (English) etc. they've got a website but like all Govt. website- it lacks any customer support lol here it is once your money reaches there, it'll automatically start coming with in 15 days. Both of these magazines are not available generally in regular bookstore / market except in government run libraries, Hence its essential that you subscribe to them. Because they’re important from Essay + Mains General studies (and Public Administration) point of view. Competitive magazines for civil service exam. There are many, like Chronicle , Wizard, Civil Service Times, Pratiyogita Darpan, Competition success review etc. Here I post the methods to subscribe to two of them. You don’t have to buy all of them, just keep one and stick with it. Civil Service Chronicle. same procedure as above but MO of 550 /- for 1 year. do specify- which medium. because they too run in both Hindi/ English address Chronicle Publication Pvt Ltd. A-26, Sector 2 Noida (UP)-201301 phone-0120-2440265-66 once they get your money, they'll mail you the invoice via post and then start sending the magazines. generally it comes on 17th of Each month. they've got a website too, but haven't updated it since 2006, so not mentioning it. they also offer to send you magazine via courier if you’re living in a big city / State capital (but you’ll have to pay Rs.100/- for it) BUT its not required as even in the normal post – it comes regularly. Competition Wizard Its subscription procedure is a little cumbersome, since they don’t accept Money order but only DD (Demand Drafts) For 1 years individual subscription you’ve to send them DD of Rs. 400/- So actually its costlier than 400 Rs : count the 30 Rs. Of DD charged by Bank+ Postal Stamp on envelope. Favoring ‘Competition Wizard’, payable @ Delhi. Address Competition Wizard, B-19, ALS House, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi-110009. Ph- 27653714 I think Wizard comes only in English medium. To Subscribe or to Buy from bookstand? Advantage of Subscribing 1. Bookstand price of these magazines are mostly 50 – 60 Rs. (depending on whether it’s a Prelim Special issue or not.), so for 1 year it’d be about 50% more the amount than subscription price. So you’re saving lot money by subscribing. 2. You don’t have to waste time in going to Bookstand every month. = more money saved in petrol lol, environment is saved from pollution, global warming, climate change, .. you can write an essay on it. Advantage of buying from Bookstand 1. You’ve choice, because if you subscribe then you’ve to stick with one and same magazine, for the year, despite its fluctuating quality. But when you are buying from bookstand , you can chose the best for that month. E.g. some months Chronicle makes better issue, and some months Wizard published better issue. related previous articles. Tips : How to prepare General studies for 2010 Prelims:Mrunal [My Tips] Preparing current affairs & Essay from Newspaper:Mrunal Why & How to make Notes for UPSC Civil Service IAS,IPS Exam- Study Tips:Mrunal My Sure shot Strategy for Success in Public Administration Prelim 2010:Mrunal
  2. sir tell me that what is cut-off marks for prelims ? as this is -ve marking system ... what will be cut-off marks for g.s & optinal ? thanzxs..sir !
  3. ANYONE PLS EXPLAIN THIS .... :-( MY dear friends my question is as simple as "until we are self can we think of helping other countries??? i mean ab india ke villages main road toh bane nahi then why we are making roads in afghanistan..doesnot it is wasting of indian tax payers money??? pls explain
  4. judges and courts have creatively reinterpreted their statutory authority and expanded their own power and enhanced their standing vis a vis the legislature and executive. critically examine this assessment. judicial creativity/ activism has democratised the judicial system by giving justice to disadvantaged groups and poor and by allowing group access to courts. it has forced executive accountability. it helps in exposing corruption at higher levels. initiating penal action against top politicians and public servants. however it doesn't mean that it should be allowed to increase its power into executive n legislative domain without restraint and shaken the overall constitutional system of checks and balances and democratic setup. for instance reducing air or sound pollution or investigating cases of corruption or bringing about electoral reforms is not exactly the duty of judiciary. These r the matters to be handled by administration under the supervision of the legislatures. judicial activism has overburdened the courts n this may be the one of the reason responsible 4 huge arrears of cases.
  5. i am from sc category sudent and my answer were as following paper 1: true 35 question and false 38 other unattempted paper: true 63 false 9 oher unattemted my question is if we consider previou:confused:s year cut off from sc it was 181 marks. then will i make it ?should i start written preparation:confused:
  6. Hi All Can anyone post the link for, or a scanned copy of the Management Mains Paper for 2011. Thanks!
  7. I am an OBC candidate and currently working in IT MNC. I am drawing salary way above creamy layer cutoff. My company has a provision of granting Leave Without Pay(LWP) for a year. My question is will i be given OBC relaxation in case I avail LWP from my company? Please clarify my doubts.
  8. Someone please help interview is on 4 april nd this is my first chance. I need help regarding questionnaire, travel allowance form, attestation form..what to do with thease on interview day .it will be a gr8 help if anyone give me full information about filling these forms. ?.plzzzzzzzzzz....
  9. Top 10 Incurable Diseases - Listverse Ten diseases that cannot be cured nowadays - English Which diseases has no cure? - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers How many diseases have no cure 5 Most Lethal Diseases that Have No Cure Top 8 diseases with No Cure | RealityPod | Top 10, Gadgets, Technology & Robotics Hub 8 Diseases with No cure The Eradication of Illness Read The Smiths :: Ten Diseases That Can't Be Cured Top 10 Diseases That Cannot Be Cured | Tip Top Tens What was the last major disease cured Types Of Deadly Diseases | LIVESTRONG.COM A disease is said to be incurable if there is no medication available to cure it completely. Modern medicine has done much to eradicate and cure disease, but it has failed in some areas. Of those areas, at least one disease that cannot be cured is suffered by many people in the world every year - the common cold. Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  10. Any idea where i can get the previous years papers from? I searched online, found only 2-3 years. I'm looking for last 10years(atleast). I live in Hyderabad. Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Hi, this' yet another aspirant in the pond. Where can I get today's Geography Mains paper?? UPSC surely has sent a strong wave of unconventionality looking at GS and PA papers.
  12. Finally UPSC made it ... no more daily visit to UPSC Page.. 1 tension relieved but what about the 4 General Studies Paper. we all knew what basic structure UPSC will follow.. But after seeing the notification and detailed analysis of all the General Studies paper.. only 1 question ... How to deal with this syllabus....Strategy?? Strategy?? Strategy..??? P.S. I am very happy with the removal of Hindi Paper..
  13. Probably most difficult question to answer in my opinion. I myself answered because of diverse job nature of civil services. but i don't think panelist were satisfied with my answer. Want to know other's experience and thoughts.
  14. hi. In my service preference i gave preference to IRS over IPS. Help me with a possible answer for this question. :confused::confused:
  15. This question is in respect of, recently in news, "The Right to Fair Compensation, Resettlement, Rehabilitaion and Transparency in Land Acquisition Bill." In addition to broad provisions laid down in bill, it does not specifically inform about the rehabilitation or resettlement policy, if any, framed by government in case of people displaced by construction of hydroelectric power plants. Should it be assumed that the bill includes, inter-alia, essential provisions for people displaced in course of construction of hydroelectric power plants or is there a separate policy for the latter?
  16. What is output-based performance budgeting?
  17. hi, may i start a new discussion on the topics of the mains syllabus of public administration. for example- the ist topic in paper I is INTRODUCTION. let all give their comments regarding * the best books on this topic, * what to read and what not to read * questions asked on this topic in the previous years * views regarding scorability of the questions asked on this topic * any specific problems faced * any article related to it * any other thing related to the topic. we may further start similar things for the rest of the topics. the benefit is that we will be able to have a vast material on each of the topics and all will be benefited. at the same time those who are preparing can be advised about their writing prowess and they can enhance their writing skills and with it their chances of getting selected. sharing always increases the knowledge. so lets all share what we have. let this site be an online coaching as well as reference and guide book. i hope that specially those who are preparing for the examination will come forward since it will benefit them the most. hoping a grand success of this thread wishing you all, all the very best sanjeev
  18. Dear members, I'm planning to buy study material for general Studies alone from a coaching institute. The intention is to get an insight into wide rang of topics and sections to be stressed while preparing for GS. Otherthan for real stuff I can depend on standard books and notes. I have short listed two coaching institutes material i) Rau's study circles --- Rs 3000 ii) vajram and ravi's ----Rs 1800. Coaching institutes such as Brilliant does not provide GS material alone for students....i mean we have purchase optionals along with GS. Please do tell me which one is best or do u have alternate suggestion regarding institute (material).... Thanx in advance.
  19. try to score 60 and above question correct in csat n in paper1 aroud 35 and above question correct
  20. judges and courts have creatively reinterpreted their statutory authority and expanded their own power and enhanced their standing vis a vis the legislature and executive. critically examine this assessment. how to write this question
  21. [h=5]I am looking for a small group to discuss previous year General Studies Mains test papers ( from 1980- update ) on this community . People( doesn't matter you have just started your preparations or are a veteran ) who can browse internet daily from the comfort of their homes or elsewhere can come forward . We will discuss each and every question that is relevant ! Use whatever source you can - edit and compose your own answer - and help each other out .[/h]
  22. anybody please post anthropology manis 2012 question paper
  23. How to develop an opinion?
  24. Do you think china’s emergence as one of the largest trading partners of India has adversely affected the settlement of the outstanding border problem? Please express your views
  25. Dear all, Please let me know where I can find general studies question paper of last 10 years, also this forum is not allowing me to download the existing things...why this issue?