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Found 914 results

  1. Hi all . can anyone of you provide any clues to this. I have cleared UPSC prelims 4 times with commerce as optional. I usaually get around 105 correct. 5 are wrong and 5 i leave(since negative marking is there). GS GETS ME AROUND 60 MARKS IN ALL. (after factorig in negative marking). What happened i attempted UPPCS(PCS OF UP) FIRST TIME IN 2007 WHOSE RESult got declared yesterday or so and lo! i was no where in the list . Though they have cleared around 5000 candidates. There is no negative marking in UPPSC.(UP psc) Why is it bcoz in UPPSC THEY HAVE CUT OFF FOR GS. Do thery have a sub cut off for up related questions which i doubt. Is it bcoz i used HB pencil in OMR sheet. Later i came to know that using black ball point pen i s compulsary in UP pcs. (Funny CAT/XAT/UPCS have HB pencil always). Guys its like a child scoring 90 % cbse and getting failing in UP board. I dont want to say grapes are sour but isnt this perplexing. (Sorry about upper case in between)
  2. Hi to all, Please suggest how to study G.S for prelims if one have to start from scratch as we have now limited time, what should we study or what are the useful books that offer good content for study. Also, suggest some coaching institute in delhi that offer weekend classes for G.S. Thanks Rajesh Kumar Gupta
  3. Paper 1 was extremely confusing ....
  4. Hi all... Any idea when are the results to be declared??
  5. Dear friends, This thread is meant for those preparing for CSE-2012. I could not make it in the CSE Pre-2011 coz of lack of strategy and consistency being a working professional. This would be my last attempt and I wanna make it through the finals list in 2012. I will not join any coaching and would stick to the self-study mode. I need the help from those who cleared prelims-2011 as well as IO's regarding the preperation strategy for CSE, specially written (prelims and mains). As this years prelims GS paper was really out of old track, I am sure that the preperation also needs to be modified from the conventional approach.. As the tradition of this forum,I expect many helpful opinions/ suggestions right from the basic books/study material to time allotment thoroughout the preperatory stage..
  6. If we are done filling forms, speculating cutoffs and result dates- shall we get back to business? (j/k) Time to revive the same intensity of discussions we had last year in "29 days to go before CSAT" thread Before proceeding, the terminologies 4TF= Four (or two) statements, identify the true or false (prelims) ABS= Absolute GK facts (Prelims and interview) 2M= 2 Markers in GS, including Persons in News (Mains) Op= Opinion, comment, discuss, evaluate, solutions etc (Mains, Interview Question) Int.=Interview 08 February 2012 Coup in Maldives 2M/ ABS Location of Maldives in the World Map Operation Cactus Maumoon Abdul Gayoom Mohamed Nasheed OP Threat of Ocean-level rise in Maldives India Maldives relations: Symbiotic or Parasite? Do you know about any recent coups apart from Male, what were their reasons and outcomes? (int.) How is coup different from revolution or freedom struggle? (int.) Why are the island nations always in bad news? (int.) Yuvri's Cancer 4TF Malignant tumour vs Benigh tumor Why no vaccine for Cancer (similar to Why No vaccine for Malaria Q? earlier prelims) Pulitzer Prize* ABSSiddhartha Mukherjee (also 2M) Lance Armstrong Martina Navaratilova OP 1. Various therapies of Cancer, current state of research. 2. Cancer proves that Malthuian theory is correct. RBI says no to deposits in Mallapuram Gold 4TF/2M 1. Features of NBFC. 2. Difference between NBFC and Bank OP 1. Role of NBFC in Indian economy, 2. List problems and Suggest reforms. NDPS Policy: released by GoI in Feb 2012. 4TF Opium growing states of India. Medicinal use of Morphine. OP: +"Yearbook" questions for GS-Mains. Salient Features of NDPS policy Dr. Pronab Sen Committee Report on Drug pricing Mashelkar Report on Drug Regulatory system. Rafael Fighter Deal with French Company Op Future of Indo-UK relations in the light of Rafael Deal. Rafael choice : good or bad? (Int.) Priority: Fight jet or Food security? (Essay, Int.) Tejas vs Typhoon: Self reliance or Arms-import? PRO-CON analysis. 2M/ ABS GK Typhoon 5th Generation Jet Fighter Lockhead C-130 Superhecules Tejas AWAC Every member requested and invited to participate. Share your mock questions and topics of importance, your thoughts, comments and opinions on news-issues: anything and everything related to Exam-oriented Current Affairs, but Please nobody copypaste entire webpages in this thread- give crispy-highlights only or just links.
  7. One month has passed, rumours may have started spreading out of Delhi Bellies by now!!!!
  8. If you failed in performance, it does not matter how much you studied for the exam. UPSC is but only the domain of the winners. Now is the time you must pull all your energies and zeal into one place to crack the exam like Civil Service Prelims. As the exam is at the doorsteps, I would like to narrate the points you must master during this time. Time before the examination: The most crucial and testing time is the time before the actual examination. There are lot of apprehensions and nervousness. Do revise your course before the exam, it is best not to be swayed by new facts and information at the very fag end. If you had been serious enough during all the time, there is no stone left un-turned for you, and all what you get on the last day harm more than anything. If you cannot revise what you have studied during all the time, you are left with more of guesswork, as you seem to remember the answer but not for sure. Now with negative marking, this has to be very rigrous and vigorously followed. keep your system in place, health is the foremost. You must give everything to your hormones to work for you. Your adrenaline should work at the optimum level.Wear light and comfortable clothes, as keeping cool during this summer preliminary is really taxing.Have a light breakfast and do not go empty stomach. You must arrange your lunch which does not actually have more of carbohydrates, like rice as they tend to bring sleep in the afternoon. Attempting Questions: With coming into place the negative marking, one of the foremost thing you must harp on is 'Whether to attend a particular question'? You need to switch from 'straight line' strategy to 'hop-hop' strategy. Previous years, you needed 'Answers' & 'Intelligent guesses' with each question and you would have completed the question paper; that is what we call it a straight line strategy. A 'hop-hop' strategy is useful when you have negative marking around. Here you require to know 'Answers' and 'Judgment power' and remember 'Intelligent Gusses' should take a back seat, and only to be resorted to in extremely rare condition. So you must attempt those questions first which you are deadly sure, and return back to those which requires 'Judgment' to be attempted. One of the issues that crops up is 'Hop-Hop' strategy, is the agitation of mind, and keeping calm in these circumstances is really important. You tend to underestimate and underscore the number you have attempted, and visualizing very poor rate. However, it is not the case, and you must keep the cool and composure especially during the 'Judgment' period of attempting questions. 'Hop-Hop' requires you to organize yourself, and remember those questions on priority which you are going to attempt during 'Judgement'. [*]Time Management: Time management is an art learned from childhood days and is a part of discipline. To temporary inflate your time management you must solve many previous year question papers and see that you are able to stuck with time schedule. This will bring out the time factor you are able to respond per question. While solving the paper remember that, you have less time to see the time factor in play, but a habitual knowledge of time will help you foresee the time without actually calculating it. Maths Questions: Those not very good in maths should reasure that they are able to solve them in reasonable time before hand, or else those questions should be attempted at spare time. Remember that General Studies means you need to be deadly sure of the time management skills. A math question which appear difficult seems to be a black hole and pulls you down at the expense of other attemptable questions. You must use your skills to be able to handle this pressure. Remember that your optional carries more marks and invariably should get more attention of yours.
  9. Hi Friends, Just downloaded my admit card for Prelims, and the date mentioned is 24th August. What about all that has been in the news since days? No postponement or can we expect a change in the pattern??
  10. before dicussing how and what to read in hindu,ET, or any other news paper thers a common problem faced by student is how much time should be devoted to newspaper and how to finish up in the given time 1)let's begin with problem of time:::: lot's student face problem when they spent 3-4 hrs on single newspaper.given the need a student should allot not more than 2 hrs for two news paper ie: hindu =1hr(with exception on thrusday issue which is bit lenghty ) economics times=30 to 45 min maximun. but how come students take more time in single newspaper a)you never had a reading habit in your school college or you were just casual reader concentrating on headline ,politics and bollywood. moment you come for civil service and some serious reading is required u fail to read in time bound is b'cos YOU HAVE A SLOW READING SPEED. c)next most important problem is student dont know what to read what not to read in a news paper ending in reading whole news paper for 3-4 hrs. if these are the problem then there should be solution to it also.::::: to increase ur reading speed there is no magic wand that will help to complete news paper in just 1 hr in 1 month. this is skill you develope with time....and only solution to is READ READ READ and READ. you'll develop the speed with time .so don't get frusted THOUGH YOUR PACE SEEMS TO BE SLOW AND YOU FIND YOURSELF BEHIND....A TIME WILL COME WHEN A RIPPLE WIND WILL BLOW YOU AND PLACE AHEAD OF dont get disheartened easily .have patience secondly, a person is wasting his so much time on single news paper is b'cos he/she doesn't know what to read and what to how to deal with it. theres only one way to know what is important in news paper only when you know how to prepare for the civil service and what is required to be done for the prepation in which newspaper stand out as most important part. here how you could know what is important in newspaper:::::: 1) look at the 10 yrs sample paper of upsc .jot down on paper sheet the areas from which question are asked that include current national international...and current event in polity,geog,enviroment etccc....once you wriiten the topic on a paper you will easily analyze what will be your are of concentartion 2) you'll come to know that all stuff on LOCAL CRIME,TERRORISM,BOLLYWOOD MASALA, PETTY POLITICAL WAR OF POLITICAL PARTIES, REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE DECISION(eg. sheela dixit inaugrating a park in delhi on which 50 cr. were spent) NEWS ON SPORT NOT IMPOTANT FOR PRELIMS,AWARD NOT IMP FOR PRELIMS NOWADAYS but can be asked IN mains about the award description And not who got the award...if u r reading eco page then small company aquisition or the yearly profit reveiws are of no concern either. 3) one should know that upsc want you know the event that effect people and and a nation both at national and international no one has time neither you nor i nor do upsc for petty stuff READING OF NEWS PAPER SHOULD NOT BE DONE IN ISOLATION ie; while reading news paper you should prepare youself for prems,mains,essay, and the INTERVIWS altogether. so how should that be done :::::::::::::::: so get some stuff together while reading a newspaper 1...HIGHLIGHTER OR A PEN 2...AN ATLAS 3...INTERNET(get urself used to internet b'cos u r gonna come across lot's of term,issues whose answer no coaching institute gona give;s you who have to do all the hard work) 4...A NOTE BOOK(jot down all ur doubt in it..which u need to search on internet) so how to read news paper::::::::::::::: once u r aware of what to read..u can use use the highlighter or a pen to under line those stuff... moment u come across any country, a capital open ATLAS and check it.u come across a river check in ATLAS where does it flow,states it passes or country,does it passes,does it passes through any tropic of cancer or caprican if u come across news on iran check ON INTERNET it's Nuclear sites. note down those stuff in a notebook or save it on ur computer...those terms and concepts turns out to BE 2 MARKER IN GS MAINS..and instead to concentrate more on news paper u later start mugging all those stuff like SPECTRUM S/T ISSUES which r hardlty relevant today. how to read HINDU::::::::::: if you follow the above steps i hope u will surely come to know hw to read hindu and other stuff.LISTEN THESE STEPS R NO UNIVERSAL RULE ...I HAVE DEVELOPED WITH TIME EVEN U WILL DO IT. well I'M DISCUSSING HINDU OF FEB10,2012....BUT SAME APROACH DONE APPLY EVERY DAY..every day u have different stuff..nd every day u need u need different aproach to different news HINDU 12 FEB ,2012(what need to read) PAGE 1::: SIT let modi off(read it u'll require it in may be interview or question may may be asked in main in eg.essay communalism) election commision censure khusheed( know about ec from polity(function ,power) ,it;s imp. in indian democracy where election r contested with the help of money,wine and castesicm) REST ON THIS PAGE U CAN HAVE AN QUICK OVERVIEW PAGE 20::::: MGNREGS IN demand in jharkahnd due to aadhar(u need to know about mnrega, and aadhar and all issue around the two which were in news last on year) emergency record.......PMO(it's shame.....PMO a topic for public hw impotance of PMO have decreased in policy making and all stuff) PAGE 19,18,17:::::: sports not a hot topic now adays for prelims but for mains as 2 marker r asked on coomonwealth games and last one F1 game(flags) question can be asked in mains on major sport event in country if held.....doping issue(mains , interview) ,indian hockey condition(interview) PAGE 16:::: Just read one on export surge PAGE 15:::::: tata in red (detail not imp...why it's eurozone crisis...try to know about european union,eurozone ,any pact met by them..etc) public debt(read it and finf what is public debt and internal debt) trade team visit iran(read it as it's important ...find out later what desion were;s imp for mains indo -iran bilateral reation...indian position toward iran as in security council of un)etcccc PAGE 14::::: read the international page completely eg. maldive ...situation there ,indian responce ,india relationship with it gonna effect in future....indian ocean scurity etc....look from all angle PAGE 13:::: just read on food bill(what is food billl, what r the issues ,why some states opposing,is it possible to have a food bill with balloning fiscat defecit country is facing....etc) PAGE 12::::: India bangladesh resume talk on teesta(very imp..try to find on INTERNET what is the teesta important is it for india bangladesh bilateral relations...what it was not conclude in the last manmohan singh visit to bangladesh...whay mamta opposed it...CHECK ON ATLAS....teesta''d origin and final pt.....which states it passes...any lake near it. on INTERNET india water dispute with it's neighbours) pmo to monitor fright corridor (find what r frieght which r under construction with foreign assistance bank or country..govt is planning to form food park along dedicated corridors...find what r food park...why govt want to set it ) PAGE 10 &11:::MOST IMPPPPPPPPPPPP) EDITORIAL AND PO-ED this is the most imp part of news paper read it completely and try to finish it in 20-30 minutes.reading editorial will not only help u in prelims but also in mains and interviews.last year CSAT some comprehension passage were from hindu editorial. once u have read it cut the important ones and keep in the file.while rest of underlined important news cut it and add it to ur copy as notes for current affairs...don't waste too much time on hand written notes. THE EDITORIALS WHICH U HAVE BEEN COLLECTION IN A SEPATE FILE TO READ IN FUTURE..LET ME TELL U WILL NEVER DO IT,,,ONLY DUST WILL REST ON IT...SO GET INTO HABIT OF EVERY DAY READING OF THOSE CUT EDITORIAL::::: 1)FIRST READ IT 2)CLOSE IT AND TRY TO RECALL WHAT U HAVE READ AND UNDER STOOD 3)WRITE DOWN ON A PAPER ALL THAT U RECALL initially u won't be able to write more than 5-10 lines....slowly it will increase DOING THIS EXERCISE WILL NOT ONLY HELP U FOR ESSAY PREPATION AND HELPFUL IN MAINS FOR ANSWERING QUESTION...THIS WILL ALSO HELP IN DEVELOPING UR UNDERSTANDING ABT TOPIC....NOT MENTION IT WILL ALSO IN CURRENT AFFAIRS FOR PRELIMS AND COMPREHENSION FOR CSATTTT SO DON'T IGNORE ITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ThERES one page on PERISCOPE.... read the one on enviroment and biodiversity,,,govt policies if RELEVANT rest pages from states r not important PROVIDES A MAJOR POLICY DESION MADE BY STATE OR NEWS OF NATION IMPORTANCE.....!!!!!!!!!!! REGARDING HOW TO READ ECONOMICS TIMES ::::::::: theres only on way to know what to read in ET as i have told earlier look for how are the question been asked by upsc from economy...moment u recognize that it will be easy for you to comlete the news paper in 30 minutes
  11. can anyone suggest me or provide me the link for topic-wise MCQs of all subjects
  12. Is there anybody who has registered for the Vajiram and Ravi Online Test Series for Prelims 2014? If yes, please reply for a discussion might be helpful after the tests.
  13. Hi, Is anybody interested in group study for IAS/KAS in or around Vijayanagara? I'm good at aptitude, physics, economics and indian administration. I can teach these things. I need someone to study history, geography, etc. and teach me from exam point of view. I'm working, hence I'll be able to spend time for group study only during weekends. If anybody is interested, please contact me on 9900504232. - Prashanth DN
  14. I am only following IGNOU BA and MA Political Science textbooks for civils mains preparation. Is this necessary and sufficient? Will following only this and Newspaper fetch me good marks or should I also make notes from standard textbooks?
  15. Hello, Please suggest me good geography books to be referred to while starting from the simplest level. Most of the books cover only a particular section so does that mean i wil have to study separate books for evry topic. I am totally confused as to from which corner i should start from. Regards Nidhi
  16. hey everybody plz guide me on how to study medical science??? do we have to study the whole of the book or just stay to the syllabus prescribed?? what are the topics to be stressed upon and what to study and what not??? how much is to be studied in a particular topic?? does any website have previous mains question papers year wise??
  17. I have found many students on this forum confused the way to prepare the Indian Economy section. And the reason is not surprising. There is hardly any quality study material available on the subject and many students hail from a non-economics background to complicate matters. Well, the strategy that I train my students with for this exam is called the CFFA strategy. CFFA stands for Concept, Fact, Figures and Analysis. This strategy prepares the student in the best possible manner to tackle this section, both in the prelims as well as the mains. It covers all kinds of questions that are asked in the exam. It involves collecting a database of Content, Facts, Figures and Analysis regarding the Indian Economy during the course of your preparation through various sources. Here’s the breakdown: CONCEPT: Conceptual knowledge is central to understand any news regarding the economy, its analytical aspects or any data related to it. You would not really understand the meaning or implication of a news of let’s say, rise in fiscal deficit if you do not understand the very concept of fiscal deficit. So wherever you read any new concept from any source be it a newspaper article or your coaching class notes or any book on the matter, make sure you make note of that concept and you clarify the actual meaning (mind you, not definition) of the concept thoroughly, preferably with examples. If you do not do this, you will fall into the trap of learning by rote, a subject which is ironically as real life as it gets. Now, what you then need to do is to connect these concepts with the news as it comes in. Then you will understand the relationship between different economic concepts – their interaction with each other and their relationship – how change in one causes change in another. This will help you immensely in developing an analytical ability for not only your mains exam but also from the prelims as in the recent years, there have been many questions coming from an analytical point of view. FACTS Collect various facts about the economy. Like the fiscal deficit is rising recently. Or RBI has been raising interest rates. These are cold facts you have to collect while reading your newspaper articles. Having an army of facts will help you relate with the concepts you have been collecting – the behaviour of different concepts or variable in the real-life Indian economy in recent times. Again these will prove great building blocks for your cracker answers. FIGURES No economic analysis or argument is complete without supporting numbers. If I say Fiscal Deficit was high last year – I have to show how much was it as a percentage of GDP. If I say Fiscal deficit has been rising in the past few years – I have to show the yearly data. Remember, supporting figures always help you make a cracker economics answer. A warning here is in order – please make sure your data sources are credible. You can blindly trust sources such as Economic Times or the EPW, Economic Survey etc. Please guard against the so called compendiums selling in the market – VERIFY their data. ANALYSIS This being the most important of the quartet, you can pick up analysis from news reports, articles, editorials or pieces in the magazines. Analysis means that given the facts and figures about any issue – what next? It means the implications of any current scenario – how is it shaping up. One can analyse and understand analysis only if one understands the concept. The idea of this strategy is that once you follow this strategy for a given period of time, you are armed with enough ammunition to tackle any kind of question in both prelim or mains exam. Be it a question about data in the prelims, or a 20 word question about a concept in mains or long answer question on a current issue in Indian Economy. “Study” and not read, Economic Times thoroughly. It will give you a lot of new economic terms, priceless and latest data, analysis and all the ammunition you need. Make sure you note down data separately under various heads and whenever you see an update in any data over a period of time, note it down chronologically. It will help you see the trend and identify with the analysis. Concentrate on news of: Any new data released by the government. This will help you create a collection of data in the Indian Economy. Make sure you note the period and denomination well as also the release of the data (E.G Trade deficit in India in April-June stood at $144 billion). Immediately when you read trade deficit, note it down and look for the conceptual meaning. Know what is trade deficit – how it is calculated, what does it mean, what happens when trade deficit goes down, what happens when trade deficit goes up. This will help in clearing you economic head. Editorials: Editorials will provide you all – concept, facts, figures and analysis. Inter-relationship among variables will be clear after reading them, so will be the analysis of any movement in an economic variable. Most importantly look out for implication of any economic event on Indian Economy and the suggestions for improvement given by the author. The last part is extremely important for analytical edge to your answers. Steps that are needed to be taken to amend a situation is a very important part to economic analysis. Make sure you get that clear enough through these editorials Central bank’s monetary policy – RBI’s monetary policy announced regularly will give you a lot of insight into the economic situation prevalent as the central bank does a thorough analysis of the same itself before announcing any policy. Read articles that come as a precursor to the announcement of the policy. They predict what steps the RBI will take and list down the elements of current economic scenario. Priceless Read the Economic Survey thoroughly. For the uninitiated, Economic Survey is the document released by the government just before the release of the Union Budget that analyses the performance of the Economy in the preceding financial year. It is a wealth of data, facts and analysis. Not to be missed under any cost. Prelims contain a lot of questions from this. Keep it simple: Do not note down all and any data you come across. To judge the relevance, think of how is this data significant to the overall economy. Avoid collecting a mountain, rather create a building. No cheap, unreliable stuff. Ive heard enough of the cheap guides available in the market under various prakashans written by god knows who. Please AVOID. Keep your preparation scientific using credible sources of information. Use Internet. Very good source. Search news articles and those written by experts. Investopedia is brilliant for conceptual clarity DO NOT LEARN BY ROTE. I want to tell students tha Economics is a beautiful subject. Do not fear it. Love it and to love it, you need to UNDERSTAND it rather than taking a short cut of cramming up definitions. Each concept in Economics has a logic to it. Understanding of the same is vital to one’s preparation. This is because when a student crams up, economics being an analytical subject does not spare him and he is trapped at some stage that requires analysis. Understand concept and collect info. That is the mantra. Rest, I am always there to help you whenever you’re in any doubt. All the very best!
  18. i was very confused between repo and bank rate and thus thought that many would be like me confusing and irritating so here it is Both bank rate and repo rate serve the same purpose for meeting the liquidity needs of the commercial banks.Both the rates are determined by RBI in accordance with the money supply in the market.The only difference between the two are,in REPO RATE, there is sale of security to RBI on an agreement to" repurchase" it at a future date at predetermined price.That is why the term REPO means "REPURCHASE AGREEMENT".Whereas in BANK RATE, there is no such sale or repurchase agreement.It takes place as mere lending of money to commercial banks at fixed rate ,i.e the bank rate.
  19. I need old year questions from polity section , both for mains & prelims... can anyone post some link or name of some books to refer ?
  20. Whoever I talked to, said it was easy. How much are you people expecting?
  21. Hi friends, Can u give ur suggestions about which institute's test series(for both Paper I and Paper II for Prelims 2011) is good and reliable. I would be grateful, if anyone gives his/her opinion in this regard.
  22. can i clear any other competitive exams if i prepare for civil service prelims.
  23. Csat 2013 expected cut off
  24. hello to evryone reading this ive been at this(pursuit of happiness via UPSC cse.the phrase in itself is like an oxymoron) for about a year now n lately it feels like i was more serious at the scheduling n keeping up study time n obsessing over time used vs. time squandered in the early stages as against now. ironically the time to be absolutely committed n focussed is right now as the prelims looms around the corner.. well my asocial existence is kinda creeping up on me. i know i cant afford to be lethargic now n hence the venture into indianofficer to vent..:confused: . so essentially im hoping to find out that im not the only one riding the rough seas to meet with the kingmaker(obviously the UPSC). and yes the loneliness n frustration does come in cyles, but of course the mind acknowledges that emotions have no place on the path to glory. btw im a doctor, ive quit saving lives for good. the dream is to trade THE STETHOSCOPE for THE HOME MINISTRY'S REVOLVER at the passing out parade of 67RR in nov 2015 in SVPNPA. the INDIAN POLICE SERVICE - my lifes calling. im already feeling better just penning down random thoughts. thanks to anyone whos reading n to all who share the sense of pleasurable desperation as we gear up for BATTLE ROYALE...