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Found 292 results

  1. How to subscribe to Yojana, Kurukshetra, Chronicle, Wizard For success in UPSC civil service IAS IPS exam, it Is necessary to refer to certain magazines. Many friends have difficulties in finding out how to subscribe to them. So I’m posting the subscription address , price etc Magazines by Govt. Yojana (for Govt. schemes / policies on poverty removal, energy, education etc) Kurukshetra (for rural Development , women,SC/ST empowerment – must for those with Public Administration optional) How to subscribe? you've to send Money order (100/- per year for each magazine) to following address Business Manager, Publication Division , Ministry of I&B, East block-IV level -VII R.K.Puram, New Delhi - 11003 in the MO, specify your address and which magazine you want to subscribe along with the language in which you want to read it. e.g. Yojana (English) etc. they've got a website but like all Govt. website- it lacks any customer support lol here it is once your money reaches there, it'll automatically start coming with in 15 days. Both of these magazines are not available generally in regular bookstore / market except in government run libraries, Hence its essential that you subscribe to them. Because they’re important from Essay + Mains General studies (and Public Administration) point of view. Competitive magazines for civil service exam. There are many, like Chronicle , Wizard, Civil Service Times, Pratiyogita Darpan, Competition success review etc. Here I post the methods to subscribe to two of them. You don’t have to buy all of them, just keep one and stick with it. Civil Service Chronicle. same procedure as above but MO of 550 /- for 1 year. do specify- which medium. because they too run in both Hindi/ English address Chronicle Publication Pvt Ltd. A-26, Sector 2 Noida (UP)-201301 phone-0120-2440265-66 once they get your money, they'll mail you the invoice via post and then start sending the magazines. generally it comes on 17th of Each month. they've got a website too, but haven't updated it since 2006, so not mentioning it. they also offer to send you magazine via courier if you’re living in a big city / State capital (but you’ll have to pay Rs.100/- for it) BUT its not required as even in the normal post – it comes regularly. Competition Wizard Its subscription procedure is a little cumbersome, since they don’t accept Money order but only DD (Demand Drafts) For 1 years individual subscription you’ve to send them DD of Rs. 400/- So actually its costlier than 400 Rs : count the 30 Rs. Of DD charged by Bank+ Postal Stamp on envelope. Favoring ‘Competition Wizard’, payable @ Delhi. Address Competition Wizard, B-19, ALS House, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi-110009. Ph- 27653714 I think Wizard comes only in English medium. To Subscribe or to Buy from bookstand? Advantage of Subscribing 1. Bookstand price of these magazines are mostly 50 – 60 Rs. (depending on whether it’s a Prelim Special issue or not.), so for 1 year it’d be about 50% more the amount than subscription price. So you’re saving lot money by subscribing. 2. You don’t have to waste time in going to Bookstand every month. = more money saved in petrol lol, environment is saved from pollution, global warming, climate change, .. you can write an essay on it. Advantage of buying from Bookstand 1. You’ve choice, because if you subscribe then you’ve to stick with one and same magazine, for the year, despite its fluctuating quality. But when you are buying from bookstand , you can chose the best for that month. E.g. some months Chronicle makes better issue, and some months Wizard published better issue. related previous articles. Tips : How to prepare General studies for 2010 Prelims:Mrunal [My Tips] Preparing current affairs & Essay from Newspaper:Mrunal Why & How to make Notes for UPSC Civil Service IAS,IPS Exam- Study Tips:Mrunal My Sure shot Strategy for Success in Public Administration Prelim 2010:Mrunal
  2. One month has passed, rumours may have started spreading out of Delhi Bellies by now!!!!
  3. I have read 11th & 12th NCERT books & now I am looking to buy one standard book. I have read previous posts pertaining to this matter. Many members recommend DD Basu. Some say that DD Basu is not exam oriented .
  4. Lakshmikanth 3rd edition (4.5 ) However 2 things should be noted : 1. The Preamble is neither a source of power to legislature nor a prohibition upon the power of legislature 2. It is non-justiciable , that is , its provisions are not enforceable in courts of law ////// question 1:What is the implication of point 1? question 2: Equality is mentioned in Preamble . now, Article 14-18 ensure equality & are enforceable in court.
  5. I dont understand why people raise volume of their dj's so high. I m finding it very difficult to focus on my studies these days, feel like i should go and ruin their music systems :cool:
  6. Hello Guys I am a final year MBBS with 1 optional is Medical science the best bet for a medico?..How to start preparing for GS, what should be my first step ?
  7. hello to evryone reading this ive been at this(pursuit of happiness via UPSC cse.the phrase in itself is like an oxymoron) for about a year now n lately it feels like i was more serious at the scheduling n keeping up study time n obsessing over time used vs. time squandered in the early stages as against now. ironically the time to be absolutely committed n focussed is right now as the prelims looms around the corner.. well my asocial existence is kinda creeping up on me. i know i cant afford to be lethargic now n hence the venture into indianofficer to vent..:confused: . so essentially im hoping to find out that im not the only one riding the rough seas to meet with the kingmaker(obviously the UPSC). and yes the loneliness n frustration does come in cyles, but of course the mind acknowledges that emotions have no place on the path to glory. btw im a doctor, ive quit saving lives for good. the dream is to trade THE STETHOSCOPE for THE HOME MINISTRY'S REVOLVER at the passing out parade of 67RR in nov 2015 in SVPNPA. the INDIAN POLICE SERVICE - my lifes calling. im already feeling better just penning down random thoughts. thanks to anyone whos reading n to all who share the sense of pleasurable desperation as we gear up for BATTLE ROYALE...
  9. Hello Everyone... I am a new member on this forum.. heard a lot about this forum..... now looking forward to a great experience on the forum....
  10. Online filing of RTI has become easy now. A Web Portal namely RTI Online with url has been launched. This portal, developed by NIC, is a facility for the Indian Citizens to online file RTI applications and first appeals and also to make online payment of RTI fees. The prescribed fees can be paid through Internet banking of State Bank of India and its associate banks as well as by Credit/Debit cards of Visa/Master, through the payment gateway of SBI linked to this site. Currently this facility is for Department for personnel & training(DoPT). Within a month it will extended to all govt ministries.
  11. Hi guys,myself neeraj i am just finished my bachelor degree and now i want to crack cse but i am quite new here so hope all of you respected aspirants must help me and fair guide me.
  12. Now its over turn to changes nation
  13. Now an interview is on the way. But there do not seem to be any activity about interview here. Those who are attending the mock intervirews and the real interviews could help aspirants by posting – topic or questions being asked. It would be of great help. Just before the mains result was published there was heavy activity, but usually after the results the people who cleared disappears. It would have been helpful if information was shared on the boards/ topics/areas being asked etc
  14. ​Help in filling form! Ok seniors, before you guys curse me, I am really sorry for asking these foolish questions! But I have to be sure, and there is no one around here to guide me. So please help. In the excitement of notification release, I filled part-I. However, latter I realized I made some mistakes. Now that is freaking me out. Though my mistakes are minor, but nonetheless I cant take chance, so I am asking you to advice. (1) While filling the name its written "Name as recorded in the Matriculation/Secondary Examination Certificate." Now I wrote Vikas Lohia but on my Matriculation/Secondary Examination Certificate its written "Lohia Vikash Bajranglal" here I made 2 mistakes. I omitted 'h' in my name and secondly didnt include my fathers name as given in certificate. Will it do? Is my mistake too big to be minor??? (2) Your percentage at graduation level, now I had 6 semester in my 3 yr graduation course. I got confused whether I should write average percentage of all six semester or just last year? I wrote former but one of my friend recommended latter. Please advice. (3) I belong to PH (ortho) under general category. It asked Fee remission claimed, I said Yes. is that alright??? Please answer my queries. I also filled part-II. Now if u guys says that my mistakes are cannot be excused, Could I again fill part-I?? Thanking You Vikas
  15. Hello to everyone. I am new dis site. Now i am concentrating on civil services-2014. Presently i am working professional. But easily provide time or Civil service about 6 hrs per day...I am just a beginner...
  16. I am chaitanya. I have done my mechanical engineering. I have worked for some time now before starting preparation for civil services examination. I have heard that this a great forum for the aspirants. Looking forward to making IO a part of the preparation.
  17. Hello everyone, I am Sunil. I have done my civil engineering. I have worked for some time now before starting preparation for civil services examination. I have heard that this a great forum for the aspirants. Looking forward to making IO a part of the preparation.
  18. Hi all, Its high time we started this thread for 2013. UPSC has done enough hoodwinking in the past one month to repeatedly take us from the depths of despair to the heights of ecstacy and back again with all the hype and pomp of a so called pattern change. For lack of stronger words, lets just sneer it away and look at what we can do to tame the gatekeeper, that is the prelims. I have been in this forum now for nearly a year, and one thing I can say that I have observed lately is the lack of serious activity. I remember furiously active posts a year back. It will only take a conscious and concerted effort from everyone in this community to maintain this tempo going to the very end. We are in this together, and lets keep it that way. The civil service exam is a Pilgrimage and everyone of us are fellow travellers in that great journey. Lets make that journey meaningful and worthwhile, irrespective of the outcomes. I suggest, (I can only suggest, it takes effort from everyone else) that we maintain this thread and keep posting valuable info about anything under the sun that we can later refer to for a quick revision. And lets keep speculations and drama of pattern changes and other gossips to other dedicated threads which we already have. Those are indeed needed for tension release and chill out. There is no questioning the fact that this forum is THE BEST thing that can happen to you if you are a serious aspirant. Lets augment it as much as we can as one awesome family. Lets wish everyone the very best and kick things off sooner than later. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. . It’s How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. -Rocky
  19. Hi Everyone, My name is Vivek. I am working professional in IT company. I started dreaming about an IAS when I was young but I could not start chasing my dream until now. I have joined this group because I feel atleast now I can get some guidance on IAS preparations. Hoping to get all help and support form you all. Thanks!! Vivek
  20. ​UNESCO membership for Palestine Until now, Palestine enjoyed only observer status at the U.N. agency for education, science and culture. The demand for full membership was made by the Palestinian Authority and won the approval of 107 member states with 14 votes against and 52 abstentions at the organisation's General Conference. A 185 of UNESCO's 194 member states were eligible to vote. Political Implications Full membership of UNESCO is a small but significant step forward for the Palestinians in their attempts to gain international recognition and statehood. The vote took place with the backdrop of increased Israeli-Palestinian violence. The U.S. and Israel are scheduled to withdraw their funding for UNESCO, which will result in a budget shortfall of 22 per cent. U.S. law prohibits Washington from funding any U.N.-affiliated body that accepts Palestinian membership. UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova warned the U.S. against “disengagement” from the organisation, arguing that it supported “core U.S. interests” in a number of key countries, including Afghanistan and Iraq.
  21. sir, with d permission of all the moderators i want to start discussion on this topic a very frequent qs asked in interviews may i plz invite everyone to critically discuss the issue
  22. Hi lets put down an estimate of our expected mains marks to get an idea whre we stand..
  23. Hello friends, I have started my study just now. I am a little bit confused about taking down the notes from newspapers. right now I collect a few articles and place them in a file. Can u all help me finding a batter and more organised way to do that?
  24. Hello, I am preparing for philosophy on my own without the help of any coaching and frm tmrw I am starting with Western Philosophy.... For western philosophy I am referening "A Critical History of Western Philosophy" of Y Masih...... but I found that this book does not contain following topics of the syllabus:- (a) Moore, Russel and Early Wittgenstein: ( Later Wittgenstein © Phenomenology (Husserl) (d) Existentialism (Kierkegaard, Sartre, Heidegger) (e) Quine & Strawson. Therefore, Could any one guide me about which book to refer for above topics???? I glanced througn Frank Thilly in bookshop... but it was simillar to Y Masih, so I am very cofused... plz help
  25. Hi everyone, this is Vidit from Noida...i am a working professional in IT field and aspiring to tame the mother of all exams... Committed to put my 100% and right now in the process of finalizing optionals + strategy for study. Joined IO today and looks a perfect start for me given the wide range of in-depth material and expert tips available here. I believe will be able to get valuable guidance and advice from experts here..