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Found 49 results

  1. I thought, after going through current affairs related threads on some forums, I knew "WHAT" to look for in current affairs. But I still don't have much idea. Please go through these headlines and let me know which ones are important from Civil Services POV and comment WHY/HOW if possible. (my sample comment given) This seems too much to ask for but it will be helpful for all newbies like me and clear doubts of some others too NATIONAL 1. Complete trial in criminal cases involving lawmakers within one year: SC to Lower Courts (looks important to me) 2. Union Government announced to build 200 low cost airports (looks important) 3. NDMC launched Stri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana 4. National Campaign titled U & Me Against Dengue launched (are all Campaigns and Yojanas by govt. important?) 5. Punjab Cabinet approved the Backward Status for Jats community 6. SC directed Law Commission to look into issue of hate speeches 7. HC ordered Delhi Police to set up unit to prevent racial profiling 8. Hailstorm in Maharashtra damaged Rabi crops worth 5000 crore rupees 9. Indian Oil announced to build 30000 crore rupees refinery at Mundra in Gujarat 10. Sheila Dikshit took oath as Kerala Governor 11. President presented the Standard and Colours Award 12. 64th National Basketball Championship concluded 13. Avaya appointed Priyadarshi Mohapatra as Managing Director for India and SAARC 14. Medical Visa not required in cases of Surrogacy for OCIs & PIOs 15. DGCA ruled no airline can refuse to fly Physically Challenged person 16. Karnataka won the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2013-14 ECONOMICS 17. Wipro and Tata Power among world's most ethical firms 18. Current Account Deficit declined to 0.9 percent of GDP in Quarter 3 of 2013-14 19. RBI hiked trade related remittance from 2 to 5 lakh rupees per transaction 20. Bharti Airtel and Etisalat signed a pact to set up regional network infrastructure 21. Committee set up to assist banking sector to apply Basel III norms INTERNATIONAL-LINKED TO INDIA 22. Indian diplomat Khobragade had diplomatic immunity at time of indictment: US court (seems important to me) 23. India nominated Rani-ki-Vav and GHNP for UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Status 24. India emerged as the largest non oil trading partner for Dubai in 2013-14 25. Indo-Nepal joint military exercise started at Sailahandi 26. India pledged to provide 4500 crore rupees Assistance Package to Bhutan 27. India offered 1 billion US $ line of credit to Bangladesh for trade & infra development 28. Spice jet and Boeing signed a deal worth 4.4 billion dollar INTERNATIONAL-NOT LINKED TO INDIA (With these India is not looked so are these important???) 29. Saudi Arabia declared Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organisation 30. New Zealand to hold referendum on changing the National Flag 31. Russian President signed decree, recognised Crimea as Sovereign State 32. European Parliament passed a law to introduce a Universal Mobile Device Charger 33. Syrian Parliament approved new Election Law 34. Tomas Halik won Templeton Prize 2014 (181 people agreed this is imp for exam 35. Libyan Prime Minister sacked by the Parliament after tanker escaped rebel-held port 36. Jordan and Egypt signed MOU with Iraq for the Natural Gas 37. Vice President of Afghanistan Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim died 38. World Longest aircraft Airlander unveiled in Britain 39. Turkey shot down Syrian military jet for violating airspace 40. UNSC voted on a resolution condemning illegal Libyan oil export 41. International Women Day observed across the world World Kidney Day observed across the World World Dentist Day observed across the World World Sparrow Day observed across the world World Water Day observed across the World (all these were in March, it seems everyday some day is observed across the world) SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENVIRONMENT 42. An artificial heart that beats in animals developed 43. Eating Protein rich food is as harmful as smoking: Scientists 44. Scientists to rebuild ear and nose with cartilage derived from Stem cells 45. China tested a domestically produced anti-smog drone 46. Volcanoes provided suitable environment to species during ice ages: Study 47. Abraham Pannikottu announced to develop Zero Pressure tyres for US military 48. Indian-American Scientist Anil Jain developed First 3D model of human fingerprint, Phantom PERSONS 49. Aditi Khanna became first women President of Indian Journalist's Association 50. Indian Writer Pankaj Mishra won Windham Campbell Literature Prize 2014 51. Heena Sidhu and Chain Singh won Gold at 7th Asian Air Gun Championship 52. Sachin Tendulkar voted Cricketer of the Generation 53. Rakesh Sethi appointed as CMD of Allahabad Bank 54. Kush Sharma, Indian-American student won spelling bee (this looks unimportant) 55. Frank Jobe pioneer of Tommy John surgery died 56. Veteran Actress, Sheila MacRae died at 92 57. Khushwant Singh, the renowned author and journalist died 58. Wu Tianming, Film Director Who Reshaped Chinese Cinema, Dies at 74 ====================================================================================== Regarding preparing and maintaining notes please suggest different categories under which I should collect notes, are above 5 categories okay? When reading current affairs and newspapers online, one can just take snapshot of the page and save it under respective category, but when reading from a real newspaper then what to do? take cutting or just copy headlines into a copy?
  2. Hindu editorial Hi I have tried writing concise of hindu editorial please read it and give ur feedback in comments so that i can improve my newspaper reading abilities 14th Dec, Hindu editorial This editorial deals with India-China trade imbalance. The key points are: * China is the largest importer of India’s iron ore * Every month 9 million tonnes of iron ore is shipped from India to China * China ships to India various manufactured goods ranging from locks to power equipments * Today China is helping India in infrastructure development, telecom expansion and power sector development * This has resulted in a record bilateral trade(expected to cross 60 billion $), making china the largest trade partner. But the trade deficit that india has with China is unsustainable * Trade deficit has quadrupled in the last 5 years from 4 to 16 billion $ * Deficit with China makes up 20% of India’s deficit * India’s strengths lie in IT, engineering products and Pharmaceuticals sector * But they haven’t been able to penentrate into Chinese markets because of china’s artificial trade barriers * TCS is the only IT company which has won a contract for a chinese company * Also our labour laws and comparatively higher wages make indian goods uncompetetive in china’s markets * The widening trade deficit has been source of tension in the bilateral relations * Last year, maximum anti-dumping investigations against China was filed by India * Indian industrialists are calling for import duties on chinese goods as cheap Chinese goods are crippling domestic industry * However things are changing for the good now * With labour shortages, demographic changes and increasing labour wages, china’s export competetiveness is on the decline * India also needs to make amends in its house. Some of them are * Rationalise labour laws * Improve infrastructure * Provide right subsidies to specific sectors CHINA’s SOLUTION for TRADE IMBALANCE * Expand tourism * Allow China into Indian manufacturing sector * Improve financial cooperation between the two * Establish a free trade area
  3. Hi friends, can anyone please suggest as to how do I prepare notes from the hindu? I get lost and its takes a lot of time. If anyone can show a preview of his/her newspaper notes , it would be of great help. thanks
  4. Hello friends, This is poll regarding how much time each one of you devotes to these daily activities.
  5. Hello All, As we all know how important is newspaper reading for CSE preparation. I have recently started reading newspaper(Hindu) daily. However, since I am new to this, I would need some suggestions: Take for example Hindu newspaper for 7th April 2012. There are several important things I came across for which I took notes. However after I finished reading the entire newspaper, I ended up having around 6-7 pages(back-2-back) of notes. I was wondering if for one day I have thins much notes, I wonder what will be after an year. I realised that I must be doing something wrong in notes making and hence posting this thread to take your advice. Can someone pick an example from 7-8th April newspaper and show how notes on a topic can be made? I ended up taking lengthy notes on following topics and hence please choose from one of them: > Rs 7500 cr project by MoRD and MoDWS > Cement industry problems in India > India and Iran Oil equations > Indian State financial health and market borrowings I appreciate your help here. Thanks
  6. Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya was born on 25th December 1861 and died on 12th November, 1946. He was one of the important leaders of the Indian Freedom Struggle. He was the only person who presided over the national Congress four times. He was the only leader of the Congress who got associated with it in 1886 and remained with it almost the entire period of our national movement. In 1903, Malaviya was elected to the Provincial Legislative Council. He was subsequently elected to the Imperial Legislative Council in 1910 and continued to be its member till 1930. He is the founder of the largest residential university in Asia and one of the largest in the world, Banaras Hindu University (BHU) at Varanasi in 1916. Pandit Malviya was one of the founders of Scouting in India. He also founded the English-newspaper, The Leader published from Allahabad in 1909. He was editor of newspapers and journals — The Hindustan (a daily Hindi Newspaper), The Indian Union, Abhudaya, Maryada and the Leader. He was the Managing Editor of the Hindustan Times (New Delhi) for long many years. With Mahatma Gandhi he represented India at the First Round Table Conference in 1931. Malaviya popularised the famous slogan "Satyameva Jayate" (Truth alone will triumphs). Totally opposed to the politics of appeasement, Malviya had opposed the separate electorates for Muslims under the Lucknow Pact of 1916 and also opposed the participation of Congress in the Khilafat movement in early 20's. The 150th Birth Anniversary year of Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya will start on 25th December 2011 and will continue till 25th December 2012. Banaras Hindu University (BHU) It is one of the Central Universities in India. It is the largest residential university in Asia. In 1898 Annie Besant founded the Central Hindu School in Varanasi and introduced the idea that there should be learning institutions based on ancient Hindu philosophy. Banaras Hindu University was created under the Parliamentary legislation - B.H.U. Act 1915. Lord Charles Hardinge was the Viceroy of India when the University was formed. Malaviya sought and received the support of the Kashi Naresh and the Maharaja Sir Rameshwar Singh Bahadur to establish the university. The Bombay High Court It was the second oldest High Court in India, established on August 14, 1862 just about a month after the Calcutta High Court was established, under the High Courts Act of 1861. The Madras High Court (15.08.1862) and the Allahabad High Court (11.06.1866) were the other High Courts established under the same act. The Indian High Courts Act, 1861 abolished the old Supreme Court and the East India Company Courts and merged them in a new High Court. Justice M.C. Chagla, the first Indian Chief Justice of the Bombay High court. The main architect of the judicial system during this period was Gerald Aungier, the Governor of Surat Factory. But the system of 1670 was very elementary and suffered from several drawbacks. The judicial system was too much identified with the executive government of the Island. The Bombay High Court has jurisdiction over the states of Maharashtra & Goa, and, the Union Territories of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The High Court has regional benchesat Nagpur and Aurangabad in Maharashtra and Panaji, Goa. High Courts: Constitutional Provisions  Article 214: There shall be a High Court for each State  Article 230: Extension of jurisdiction of High Courts to Union territories.— (1) Parliament may by law extend the jurisdiction of a High Court to, or exclude the jurisdiction of a High Court from, any Union territory. (2)Where the High Court of a State exercises jurisdiction in relation to a Union territory,— (a) Nothing in this Constitution shall be construed as empowering the Legislature of the State to increase, restrict or abolish that jurisdiction; and ( The reference in article 227 to the Governor shall, in relation to any rules, forms or tables for subordinate courts in that territory, be construed as a reference to the President.  Article 231: Establishment of a common High Court for two or more States. (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in the preceding provisions of this Chapter, Parliament may by law establish a common High Court for two or more States or for two or more States and a Union territory Brahma Kumaris Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya is a monastic, renunciate Millenarian new religious movement (NRM) of Indian origin. It teaches a form of meditation adherents called Raja Yoga, but which differs from the classical Raja Yoga described by Patanjali. The institution celebrates its 75th year Diamond Jubilee.
  7. Hi, I'll giving my first attempt in 2013. I have started reading The Hindu recently. Need some pointers on how to read newspaper, make notes, topics of importance. Thanks in advance.
  8. Which is the best magazine for this examination? Please reply ASAP
  9. please tell me how to read news paper ? how to select news for the upsc exams ?
  10. Respected friends, I attached a cutting of a newspaper report on removal of subjects from Mains in 2013. I am little confused about the new pattern of Mains and is this news has any relevance to Mains 2013?. Write down your views... Thakns Samjot Singh Thind
  11. Hi all, Please suggest how to prepare from newspaper for upsc. Is it better to prepare own notes? That takes a lot of time of the day. How would one remember so much news? Please help. Thanks in advance. Regards, Aarti
  12. .... Are the question papers not set by now ? ..... i read slowly, so i spend more than an hour (usually 1.5) reading the hindu .... i am not really sure of the time- benefit ratio especially just 2 months before the exam I mean strictly from a GS point of view ... not the essay
  13. Anybody from nagpur here. OR anybody from nagpur who have subscribed to HINDU. Plz Reply
  14. Hi all, I am starting this thread for those who are staying abroad and will be preparing for the exam there. Please share your views on how you all are going ahead with reading newspaper and magazines that are available only in India. I have tried doing it online but it becomes cumbersome.
  15. while reading newspaper i just cant segregate what is important and wht what i m thinking is reading : 1. editorial of hindu and toi plus oped page 2.chronicle 3.wizard will tht work ?????
  16. Hi, My name in the matriculation certificate is very long(many middle names) so it is not fitting in the form . I have got it shortened with an affidavit and newspaper publications and all my other documents(pan card, passport, driving license, voter id) have short name. My full name will not fit but upsc is asking for the full name. Please advise me on what to do in filling up the form in this matter. Since the deadline for form filling is coming up am not really sure what to do. My shortened name will fit in the form but thats not what they really asked for. Please advise. Is there anything mentioned anywhere. Has anybody else had this problem or am I the only unfortunate soul to suffer such a fate. :-(
  17. Apart from the hindu newspaper, I read "The Daily Rising Kashmir" often (it contains good editorial about J&K and some other stuff), Few weeks back a good article appeared in it and I thought to immediately put in IO but because of some reasons I could not do so, :)today I thought let us put it and see whether you like it or not. so this article is very small and it do not contains any strategy or information just a small opinion. I am sorry if I have caused discomfort/inconvenience to anyone. Cracking civil services Courtesy:Rising Kashmir Daily English Newspaper, Latest News of Kashmir, Breaking News of Kashmir, News Update from Kashmir, Kashmir News
  18. Till 2010 The Hindu was the most recommended paper for General studies for mains.However in 2011 it appeared to be that the questions were picked up from The Hindu,TOI,ET etc Which newspaper do u think is the most relevant from GS point of view after 2011 bombing?
  19. Today in one of the local newspaper of maharashtra it has been mentioned that UPSC mains changed pattern is gonna be implemented from next year that is 2012. For those who understand marathi here is the link LOKMAT E-Paper
  20. Are you in the habit of reading a newspaper while sipping the morning coffee? If so, can you remember some news stories that appeared recently? The murder of a high-profile politician, an accident that killed hundreds, mutiny in a foreign country or the famine that hit thousands in an African country – you may come up with many. In a hurry to read through all these disturbing news stories, did you fail to notice a streak of hope, a report on a positive development in an environmental issue? We are talking about the UN Report released recently, which speaks about the fall in deforestation. The report says that deforestation in India and China fell dramatically. While more than 8 million hectares of forests were destroyed in 1990s, this decade (2000-2010), experienced the deforestation only in 5.2 million hectares. Though it is a piece of good news, we have to work a great deal again towards our aim of preserving forests and maintaining a balance in nature. Deforestation may lead to many serious environmental issues such as global warming, drastic changes in climate, an instability in the whole biosphere etc. With large scale deforestation, many herbal plants with medicinal properties have been disappeared from the earth and it poses threat to the very existence of alternative healthcare system based on herbal medicines such as Ayurveda. Such an issue will cast a shadow on the future of Ayurveda health centres too – be it an ayurvedic health resort , a hospital or a spa. Hence we have to preserve the forest for its herbal plants, rain forests, wildlife and for everything that it harbours.
  21. Friends, I have been reading Hindu paper from quite a long time but have been observing that many of the articles that appear in it (in editorial and OP-ED page) are of critical nature esp. relating to govt policies/schemes..Right from the beginning till end it ll criticize the schemes by highlighting its negative points, what the bill cant achieve, what are the lacunaes in it blah is on rare occasions nly wen I get to see the remedial measures dat d govt needs to adopt which will take care of these factors...I would like to ask, do you cut these articles as well ? I know dat no policy/bill/scheme is cent percent perfect and at one stage or the other some deficiency is bound to creep in and there are points which actually are to be thought over/revamped but these articles dnt say nytin bou the good points but project nly the negative points .... For eg in July 26 edition of hindu ppr, on left page, 1 full article was dedicated to RTE act deficiencies and other page carried an article full of inadequacies/discriminatory practices that will be created by NAC's recent addition of proposals in Food Security bill pertaining to geographical distribution of districts for targeted public distribution.... As a civil service aspirant and after getting into services, our aim should be to frame (and implement as well:)) immaculate schemes which will serve the interest of stakeholders in the best possible manner with the given resources,improvisations etc.. I have read ET articles also (though not on regular basis)...At least they do provide solutions to the issues raised related to any topic...maybe hindu is a leftist centric ppr, that's why articles are more of such nature...and that is the reason why i dnt read frontline.. Till now I used to glance through these points, reading them individually and used to weigh there importance (though it cannot be underscored, because some of them do appear to raise genuine reasons for debate), was wondering what approach do you follow when dealing with such articles? Because as i perceive, ans in exam are not to be anti govt but at the same time u cannot put on veil on some of the issues.... do you read any other magazines/newspapers for balancing the views?? Opinions solicited....
  22. I'm looking at the old essay papers "Men have failed; let Women take over." (1993's essay paper) Upon goggling ..I find following Sentence was said by Nigerian Princes Odife On Yahoo Answers! following things... Philippines(a country with a female president) is consider THE most corrupted country in Asia right now. I find it funny that by being a man i have automatically been accused of failing something i have never had. And if this essay is legitimate then you should would use every good female leader and every bad male leader as examples. There is no reduction in the disruptions of the house even after Meera Kumar has taken over as Speaker. The parliament is as chaotic and undisciplined as it always was. Pratibha Patil is the first woman President of India, but see this from Indian Express President makes it clear: no hurry to reject mercy petitions I mean what kind of attitude is that? I won't do anything because my predecessors haven't done it! +Add the whole Indira Gandhi's electoral-fraud and emergency point. But again UPSC standard operating procedure (SOP) says not to touch the 1975-Emergency topic unless left without other choice! While agreeing to the point, that majority women would show more sincerity and sensitivity while dealing with politico-Administrative issues, if given some authority. but frequent news like "3 crore found from IAS-couple's house" Geetha Johri removed from SIT etc. etc. But all such cases point out that the corruption and incompetence have became gender-neutral.So, its wrong to presume about a person's honesty and integrity just from his/her gender. So my question is how would you tackle such essay (apart from skipping it and picking a different essay)? Take a side : pro-woman or pro-man (but that'd not be advisable as examiner can be of either gender!) or Give a diplomatic answer (which is the S.O.P for any essay) What's your take on this?
  23. Guys i live in maharashtra and the newspaper 'sakal' today has a news on page 9 that prithvi raj chavan has said that csat will be from pre 2011.he also said that the syallabus and the nature of questions for the exam are being worked on. START PREPARING FOR CSAT also one of mine friends relative is retired .he used to work at upsc.he says that the scaling system consist of a software where input of many factors including age and number of attempts is considered.
  24. hi im Ankit Kumar 1st year electrical engineering student , i wanna know abt ias strategy,when to take coaching,how to prepare for phychology(my optional)...