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Found 75 results

  1. What would be better for reading books on a phone? 4.5" 720p or 5" 720p or 5.5" 720p ? There are some really good phone of these sizes under 18,000. I want Moto G, only size is holding me back. I would be reading mostly NCERT and IGNOU books on the phone.
  2. I have read 11th & 12th NCERT books & now I am looking to buy one standard book. I have read previous posts pertaining to this matter. Many members recommend DD Basu. Some say that DD Basu is not exam oriented .
  3. hello, if anybody wants to buy psychology material as per 2011 syllabus, im selling my materials. this includes psycho 6 materials + ncert 2 materials @ rs. 800/-... anybody interested can email me here: thanzxs...
  4. Heyy hie guyzzz, I just wanted to know that for the starting preparation which std, ncert books shud i prefer, like subject wise??:confused:
  5. tell me about any good gs manual
  6. have a grasp on ncert class 11 n 12 psychology books.
  7. Hi, Can u guys please suggest me the books for GS mains 2013. beginning from NCERT + Magazines .
  8. My optionals are Public administration and geography. I am thinking of joining khan study group for GS and public administration. Not sure about geography coaching And I have not studied even ncert books so can I crack CSE2010? Another option is Rau which is closer to my home but not sure about it they claim too much. 1So rau or ksg or other. (GS and Public administration)? 2Sould I even take coaching as my basis are not clear? 3Go for all optional (2) at once or should take coaching of public administration only?
  9. Which level of NCERT books are suitable for History (Prelims & Mains) prepation? or Which coaching institute material is suitable for preparation of History.
  10. Does any1 have a pdf version of Land and People (NCERT Class XI) for Geography. It is given as a recommended reading for Geography part of General Studies Mains paper. Thanks.
  11. really don't know what am i doing i know its 9 months to prelims 2013 i feel i haven't yet started anything people around me have completed portions and i m still stuck finding rather deciding what to read and what is to be left out i started reading NCERT, completed reading sociology 11th standard -- part 1 and part 2 now reading 12th standard part 1 -(last chapter) i m reading the newspapers too but everything seems to be flying away by night i feel my head is empty - i know nothing even now after reading the NCERT i dont know -->>> what i know and what did i read it feels like i ve wasted all the time i cant recollect a single thing from what i ve read where am i going wrong there is so much to do is it that I am not co-operating with myself is there some problem with ME ALONE has or does anyone feel like this what is the problem with me ? do i have something called as a brain even :confused: to support the learning process needed for CSE
  12. hi everybody. can anyone provide the link to download old ancient history ncert book. i have downloaded modern history but unable to find link of ancient history. your feedback would be highly appreciated
  13. hi, with growing importance of env nd biodiversity topics in general studies from 2010 nd esp 2011(21 questions)asked here r few refence material i had gone through..they r good:) 1) ICSE text book on env. and biodiversity of classes 10,11,12 th standards(u can say it's just like cbse NCERT FR CONCERTUAL CLARITY) ANOTHER BOOK I READ WAS(IF U HAVE TIME) 2) enviromental science by ARVIND KUMAR (BOOK IS REALLY GOOD TO UNDERSTAND TOPICS LIKE ECOLOGY.BIODIVERSITY ND REST)
  14. Shall i study microeconomics for GS?? I have read NCERT Macroecomics - XII , should i study microeconomics also???
  15. Hi All, this is Ashis Mohanty from hyderabad working as a Software Enginner in an MNC. I am planning to take on UPSC exam on 2013 or 2014. I have started my preparations by self study starting from NCERT books. Planning to leave my job and start full time preparation in Hyderabad or New Delhi.
  16. Hi all, recently, while I was studying NCERT VIII book, I've come across a question "Why do west flowing rivers don't form deltas?". Can anyone please answer this question? and also, do anyone know the difference between Transportation(Related to denudation and all) and Erosion. Thanking you Sagar
  17. especially in XII Macroenomics & Microeconomics
  18. Hi, I already started reading a GS manual and when I quicky compare the content with the ncert books, I find it is more detailed and more time consuming to read. So, I want to know which books I better stick with for both pre and mains gs point of view. The question I have is (lets take geography for instance): 1. Is the NCERT Books sufficient? 2. Should I stick with the GS manual instead? I am asking this because I want to manage time more efficiently and do not want to spend time on uncessary topics and details. Thank you for all the help
  19. hi frnds. what to study for gs mains apart from the ncert books? specialy for international affairs,
  20. if you are really serious about Civil service then NCERT books from std. 10 to 12 are very Important for Civil Service Exam General Studies esp. of History, Geography, Economics, and Science. (THEY'RE BOTH IN HINDI AND ENGLISH) So I'm complied the links and posting them here, so what are you waiting for? download them and start studying! Std.12 Accountancy Biology BusinessStudies Chemistry Economics Geography History Mathematics Physics PoliticalScience Psychology Sociology Std.11 Accountancy Biology BusinessStudies Chemistry Economics Geography History Mathematics Physics PoliticalScience Psychology Sociology Statistics Std.10 Science SocialScience Reference : NCERT E-books for UPSC Preparation:Mrunal
  21. Hi friends, I would like to know, who among us are preparing for CSE 2012. This would make our job easy, in case we need to share something.:cool: I will be appearing in CSE 2012 (God willing). Regards
  22. Hello All, I am a newcomer to civil services exam preparation and need your guidance. I have read it in almost all civil services forum that one should start his study with NCERT books. People have suggested to go through NCERT books from class 8-12. Now obvious question(s) would be: 1. Which subjects to study from class 8-12 NCERT Books? 2. What to study? Whole Book or selected chapters ? :-O That goes true for other books as well like Indian Polity - Laxmi etc . Are we supposed to read whole book ?? I came across a site which gives you download link for all NCERT books. (Download) NCERT BOOKS PDF Copy ( Updated Direct Links) | UPSCPORTAL.COM - Online Community for UPSC, IAS, CSAT, PSC, Civil Services Aspirants. I will go mad if I have to study everything in this link. Can some 'godly soul' please help me? Cheers
  23. It is provided by National Open School, Senior Secondary Board. (NCERT kinda thing) I would suggest you use Foxit PDF reader to read them, because it allows you to mark and highlight important lines. Adobe Acrobat PDF reader doesn't have the utility. List of Modules and Individual Chapter download links Module - 1 - Environment through Ages Origin of Earth and Evolution of the Environment Environment and Human Society Degradation of Natural Environment Module - 2 - Ecological Concepts and Issues Principles of Ecology Ecosystem Natural Ecosystem Human Modified Ecosystems Module - 3 - Human Impact on Environment Human societies Deforestation Module 4 - Contemporary Environment Issues Environmental Pollution Environment and Health Disasters and their Management National Environmental Issues Global Environmental Issues Module 5 - Environmental Conversation Biodiversity Conversation Conservation of other Natural Resources Conservation of Soil and Land Water and Energy Conservation Module - 6 - Sustainable Development Origin and concept of Sustainable Development Modern Agriculture Concept of Sustainable Agriculture Clearner Technology Module 7 - Environmental Management Environmental Legislation Environmental Impact assesment Environmental Related Institutions and Organisations Environmental Ethics and Gandhian Approach Module 8A - Water Resource Management Global Circulation of Water Ground water Resources Fresh water Resources Methods of water Harvesting Water Conservation at Different Levels Module 8B - Energy and Environment Importance of Energy in society Non-Renewable Sources of energy Renewable Sources of energy - I Renewable Sources of energy - II Energy Conservation Misc Curriculum Question Paper for Practice
  24. I have queries regarding Montford Reforms of 1919. 1. With this govt awarded Dayarchy at Proviences and enlarged the central leg assembly. But, Can't it be a Diarchy at center as well? Because at center also it has subject lists divided and some are assigned to Legislature and some to executive council. Hence two forms of rule was present here. 2. In NCERT, Spectrum History it has mentioned that Governor-General and Ministers would be working in a government, also 3 out of 8 members of Viceroy's council would be Indians. Did we have two separate posts there--- Governor-General and Viceroy together? If yes then what could be the reason of having the two together? If I am not wrong the post of Governor-General was demolished in 1958 and a post of Viceroy was created and Canning was appointed as the first Viceroy. Can any one please clear my queries?