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Found 1,337 results

  1. Hi friends, We have uploaded Indian History material on our website. following are the links. Please refer our website to your friends if you like the website. Part 1: Modern India Prep4Civils | Blog | Download IGNOU's Indian History material Part 1: Modern India Part 2: India Earliest times to 8th century Prep4Civils | Blog | Download IGNOU's Indian History Material Part 2: India Earliest Times to 8th Century Part 3: History of India from 8th to 15th century Prep4Civils | Blog | Download IGNOU's Indian History material Part 3: History of India from 8th to 15th Century Part 4: India from 15th to mid 18th century Prep4Civils | Blog | Download IGNOU's Indian History Material Part 4: India from 15th to mid 18th Century
  2. Hi Folks, I have managed to compile the list of Indian companies/organizations and their Heads (CEOs, Chairman etc). Hope this will be of some help to you. Cheers, Vinay S
  3. ANYONE PLS EXPLAIN THIS .... :-( MY dear friends my question is as simple as "until we are self can we think of helping other countries??? i mean ab india ke villages main road toh bane nahi then why we are making roads in afghanistan..doesnot it is wasting of indian tax payers money??? pls explain
  4. Hi, Having gone through a number of brain-storming sessions with me and my friends,I have zeroed myself in on geography. I have got Indian geo by Bhullar,Human Geo by Majid hussain and physical geo by savindra singh, which one among these would be good to start with? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hindu editorial Hi I have tried writing concise of hindu editorial please read it and give ur feedback in comments so that i can improve my newspaper reading abilities 14th Dec, Hindu editorial This editorial deals with India-China trade imbalance. The key points are: * China is the largest importer of India’s iron ore * Every month 9 million tonnes of iron ore is shipped from India to China * China ships to India various manufactured goods ranging from locks to power equipments * Today China is helping India in infrastructure development, telecom expansion and power sector development * This has resulted in a record bilateral trade(expected to cross 60 billion $), making china the largest trade partner. But the trade deficit that india has with China is unsustainable * Trade deficit has quadrupled in the last 5 years from 4 to 16 billion $ * Deficit with China makes up 20% of India’s deficit * India’s strengths lie in IT, engineering products and Pharmaceuticals sector * But they haven’t been able to penentrate into Chinese markets because of china’s artificial trade barriers * TCS is the only IT company which has won a contract for a chinese company * Also our labour laws and comparatively higher wages make indian goods uncompetetive in china’s markets * The widening trade deficit has been source of tension in the bilateral relations * Last year, maximum anti-dumping investigations against China was filed by India * Indian industrialists are calling for import duties on chinese goods as cheap Chinese goods are crippling domestic industry * However things are changing for the good now * With labour shortages, demographic changes and increasing labour wages, china’s export competetiveness is on the decline * India also needs to make amends in its house. Some of them are * Rationalise labour laws * Improve infrastructure * Provide right subsidies to specific sectors CHINA’s SOLUTION for TRADE IMBALANCE * Expand tourism * Allow China into Indian manufacturing sector * Improve financial cooperation between the two * Establish a free trade area
  6. OK, the heading may look exaggerated but still why Newspapers, The Hindu or Indian express(or any other), are considered so important. The kind of Information they provide seem so vague and high level to me. Most of the articles are so in dept evaluation of a topic that I get confused between what to leave and what to read. I used to make notes, and I'll keep making them but if my notes are going to become like a Manorma 2013 then why should I read newspapers to make another bundle of facts. So here is my question Why exactly newspapers matter, and what kind of information should we need to copy down?
  7. Hello friends. i want to know feedback about analog ias correspondance material for ias mathematics... if someone has taken it could he please share this info... thanks
  8. Can anybody please help me on Indian Culture ??
  9. Dear All, I m a new aspirant preparing for Civil Services Exam. Pls share links from whr i cn download study material/notes. Pls mail me material at[MENTION=7065]gmail[/MENTION].com if u hv any thnx & regards, DSihag
  10. Now its only one optional in Indian Administrative Service,join under manoj sir for kannada,he is very practical and his writing practice helps us to face the exam with confidence u will face the exam many times before the real exam his topicwise notes also nice
  11. This is the first discussion site which I found today. Very good Site and I feel proud among you member who are working as mentor to one another... Thank you. Prasannajit:o
  12. [TABLE=width: 500] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD] Indian Administrative Service[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] how to crack Indian Administrative Service exam.
  13. Hello Everyone, While studying transport, I came across the fact that Indian Railway has second largest rail network in the World. It has been so mentioned in Majid Hussain's Geography Book. However, if the same is looked for on the internet, several sources mention that it stands on the fourth position after USA, Russia and China. If you can clarify, it would be a great help. Thanks.
  14. Hey Everyone.. I m new to Indian Officer. I will be glad to know you all. Lets have a serious discussion group over here! All the best to everyone!
  15. hi its shyam prakash pandey currently posted as preventive officer in indian customs mumbai.
  16. Hi, I am preparing to join a coaching in Delhi. I have surfed alot about coaching in Delhi and have decided on Chronicle Indian Administrative Service academy. Is it good??I mean teachers and all . I am looking for feedback of some seniors who might have been there. Thanks in advance.
  17. :)this site is really good
  18. I'm a new member of Indian officer community targetting CSE 2014 and searching for guidance.
  19. Online filing of RTI has become easy now. A Web Portal namely RTI Online with url has been launched. This portal, developed by NIC, is a facility for the Indian Citizens to online file RTI applications and first appeals and also to make online payment of RTI fees. The prescribed fees can be paid through Internet banking of State Bank of India and its associate banks as well as by Credit/Debit cards of Visa/Master, through the payment gateway of SBI linked to this site. Currently this facility is for Department for personnel & training(DoPT). Within a month it will extended to all govt ministries.
  20. Hi, Please suggest friends some important topics,Articles for Indian Polity/Constitution
  21. Regulating Act, 1773: End of Dual gov t. Governor of Bengal to be the Governor – General of British territories of India. Establishment of Supreme Court in Calcutta. Pitts Act of 1784: gav e the British Gov ernment a measure of control ov er the company’ s affairs. company became a subordinate department of the State. Act of 1786: Gov ernor General giv en the pow er to ov er-ride the Council and w as made the Commander-in-chief also. Charter Act of 1793: Company giv en monopoly of trade for 20 more years. laid the foundation of gov t. by w ritten law s, interpreted by courts. Charter Act of 1813: Company depriv ed of its trade monopoly in I ndia except in tea and trade w ith China. Charter Act of 1833: End of Company’ s monopoly ev en in tea and trade w ith China. Company w as asked to close its business at the earliest. Gov ernor General of Bengal to be Gov ernor General of I ndia (1st Gov ernor General of I ndia w as Lord William Bentinck). Charter Act of 1853: The A ct renew ed the powers of the Company and allow ed it to retain the possession of Indian territories in trust of the British crow n. Recruitment to Civ il Serv ices w as based on open annual competition examination (excluding I ndians). Government of India Act, 1858: Rule of Company in I ndia ended and that of the Crow n began. A post of Secretary of State (a member of the British cabinet) for India created. He w as to exercise the powers of the Crow n. Secretary of State governed India through the Governor General.
  22. 1. Micro: H L Ahuja 2. Macro: Jhingan, Shapiro 3. International trade: Mannur 4. Public Finance: H L Bhatia 5. Money/Banking: S B Gupta 6. Growth and Development: Jhingan, Todaro 7. Indian Economics : Misra and Puri 8. Economic Survey List is not exaustive but good for the start.
  23. MY INTERVIEW BOARD : KK PAUL SIR Duration : 20-25 min Background : BTECH in comp science Hobbies : meditation , writing articles , cricket I entered and tried to individually wish each member . There was a lady member too but I wished her second ( dont know how bad a mistake if at all) . KK Paul Sir : 1) Roll No 2)DOB 3) " you have worked for 2 years..why did you resign" - explained in further questions on this 4) "what is quantum computing" - gave a crappy 2 line answer initially which I dont remember now . Explained a bit more after that. 5) "where is it used " - sir , I am not aware of it . 6) "what is cloud computing " - explained again in not so technical language .No further questioning on this. 7) "ok ..then ....leave it"( passes to member 2) .. M2 : 1) "have you any idea about the nasscom statement ( something about centralization , democracy etc ...) " - "sir , i am not aware of it . "ok then explain it " - explained his statement in different words . 2) "what is ewaste " - gave the answer in short . made a statement on ewaste and asked me to explain the procedural correctness - I explained ..he nodded . M 3 : 1) "what are the problems of India - "Sir - illiteracy is one problem " ... m3 : "no it is an effect..not the cause" ? me - "sir health services..." ( also explained about it)... m3 : "what about water " - "yes sir ...." ( explained again).... m3 : "isnt population a problem " me - "no sir , not population in itself, but its distribution in terms of the services received is a problem " ... m3 then asked some factual demographic questions which I answered .next there was a discussion on PPP . M4 : what are the major problems of your state ? Why some parts are more developed than others ?what are the solutions ? What will you do to convince the political leadership ? ( some more questions like this which i dont remember ..) ....there was tough grilling on these points but in the end everyone nodded .. m4 : :"what articles you write ....give some examples ..." he asked me to give a summary on one artcile of mine which I gave in one line ( too short in guess) ... M5 ( lady member) : "you all have asked everything...anyways you tell me about your meditation hobby...did you join any course or not? "...very short discussion with her . KK Paul sir then comes back and initiates a discussion on my articles, role of media , indian cricket etc... I responded with my points ...sir then made his and suddenly interrupted - "ok,your interview is over " ..I was about to say something ..he noticed and said - "yes , yes you wanted to say something" - "sir , I was asking about the point you made "... Sir - "its ok..thank you "...I tried to thank all members , some responded , some avoided....
  24. hi let me know which book is to read for indian history in prelims?
  25. DIVISIBILITY TESTI:D:DNG METER how? why? what? where? whom? when? !! I have already built that curiosity inside me to crack civil service. Thank you in advance for the support and help I will obtain from Indian officer website.