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Found 68 results

  1. Dear Aspirants, The definition of law includes ordinances passed by president and governor also. If these laws are in consistence with the FR..can we challenge in SC ?
  2. Dear Aspirants, Could you tell me what are offshore trade winds and how it is related to Cold current and High Pressure belt ? Regards Sunil M
  3. A warm hello to everybody..... i hv searched al threads bt dnt find a single thread for HINDI med. aspirants, dats y m starting it. me chahta hu k is jagah ko hindi madhyam se judi samasyaon aur unke samadhaan dhundne ki prakriya ka kendra banaya jay. sabhi IO members ka sahyog apekshit hai. so lets start.....
  4. hello aspirants.
  5. This is Souravie, just joined this forum and looking forward to information and knowledge sharing with all the civil servant aspirants.
  6. IO is Helping me since I joined this forum... Thanks IO.
  7. Congrats to those who got any post in UPSC & best of luck to other aspirants for this year.
  8. Hello IAS Aspirants!
  9. Hi Civil Service aspirants
  10. PFA the pdf file for November quiz details... Should be useful for UPSC aspirants....
  11. Dear Civil Servant aspirants Lets prepare together and make a difference to our future....
  12. hi to all civil aspirants.,
  13. Hi friends.... anyone from sec 37 Faridabad here...
  14. heloooo everyone this is manish from kolkata . wishing all the aspirants a very happy diwali ...hope they get what they are striving for
  15. nice to share platform wid the fellow aspirants....
  16. HI,

    This site seems to be interesting for Civil aspirants..
  17. Hai

    Hai everyone.I am new to this portal and i am in dire need of support from civils aspirants in the process of enriching my knowledge...
  18. Hi Aspirants, This is Hari Shiva Prasad from Visakhapatnam. Joined the group
  19. HELLO EVERYONE, Jst joined this site....hope to be an active participant in sharing strategeies to crack upsc exam....all the best to all aspirants ,like me.....
  20. hii everyone, iam cse aspirants, hello to all:)
  21. hi iam jeevan from chennai, feel proud to be a member, wishing everyone the very best-thanks for accepting me as well:)
  22. Hi iam thaneermalai frm chennai, already i hv introduced myself,may i knw is here ips aspirants frm chennai in IO
  23. I had just came across this site recently . So all my best wishes to aspirants
  24. Hi.. I am Lavanya and i am very pleased to be a part of this community.I am looking forward for your great support. All the very best to future aspirants...Keep rocking
  25. [MENTION=22451]mango_dolly[/MENTION] इस बिंदु पर आप पह्ले ही कफी चर्चा कर चुकी हैं और सभी सम्भवित समधनो से परिचित हैं. प्रत्येक व्यक्ति की स्थिति मे कुछ सकरत्मक और नकरत्मक दोनो बाते होती हैं और विजय उस व्यक्ति की होती है जो अपने सकारात्मक बिंदुओ का सबसे बेहतर उपयोग कर्ता है. उदाहरन क तौर पर आप्के पास समय का अभव है लेकिन आप अत्म निर्भर होने क सथ सथ जीवन का लम्बा अनुभव रख्ती हैं. कई लोगो के पास समय की कमी नही लेकिन पैसे का अभव है. अ*ॅपने सकरत्मक बिंदुओ की ताकत के साथ कोई व्यक्ति जीवन की चुनौतियो का सम्ना किस प्रकार करेगा , इसका जवब सिर्फ वही दे सकता है....कोइ और नहीं. मै सिर्फ एक बात दोहराना चहता हू, समय बर्बद करके आप्कि असफलता का करन बन सकने वले कर्यो और क्रियओ की पहचन और उंसे दूरी पर आपकी सफलता कफी हद तक निर्भर करेगी.