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  1. Hello friends, This is Gowtham. Planned to give exam on 2016. Optional - Political Science & IR. There is not much discussion on Political Science & IR optional in the forums. And very few active discussions have been not active recently. So people who have interest in PSIR optional, let's discuss & debate here.
  2. Hi.. This is Gowtham. Planned to give my exam on 2016. PSIR optional. I've started covering the syllabus with OP Gauba which has almost all topics form Part I's first section. However I feel few topics which are covered in OP Gauba are not enough for us. Those who have read the book, pls suggest me which are all the topics in OP Gauba aren't enough and needs to be covered from other sources also. Pls mention the other sources also for those topics. Topics which I feel that are not enough from OP Gauba - 1. Feminism (Political, Ideology) 2. Gandhism (Ideology) 3. Hegemony, Legitimacy (Still more topics can be added after further reading of the book) Thanks in advance.