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  1. I am from chd n have pol sci n IR as optional
  3. ok, there are many numbers actually, which one is the admin, so that I can add.
  4. But sir! He is your best friend for life, the one you can't afford loosing. Because, that is the person whom you would look upto even when other things fail. Being a final year exam, serious action can be taken against him. My opinion : I would stand up & tell the examiner loudly that people are cheating & I am having disturbance doing my exam. This way, the friend will also get an indication, that if he doesn't stops I may even tell his name plus I am not being part of the wrongdoing by keeping quite. Secondly, the invigilator would be more keen in his task.
  5. I would prefer Ashutosh's reply. Reasons : 1) The kind of harassment she is facing is clearly out of Sexual Harassment's definition. Mental harassment, yes. 2) The lady is definitely upset because its kind of complaining only that she is doing. Reader's behavior has to be changed. 3) One would not want to loose on such a reader who is pretty efficient with the work. My opinion: The fellow should be communicated that his reputation is on stake for doing such things. And he can be transferred on the basis of complaint.
  6. 1) Death penalty is not for the civilized nations, take Norway, for instance, crime rate is amongst the lowest & they don't have to kill anybody in name of law either. 2) Our law itself says - its ok if 100 culprits escape the law, but one innocent should not be punished. What will you do @namratha if a n innocent person is executed wrongly, we can not bring them back. Moreover, a society that advocates death penalty, basically doesn't wants to try its hand at remolding the so-called culprits.
  7. In the examination hall.. I guess I forgot to mention that
  8. You' re DC of a particular area. You have a reader who is very competent & sincere with his work. He is your right hand. Until one day, a lady employee of the office comes to you to complain of him making unwanted advances on her. He invited her for dinner after office hours. Makes comments on her. How would you react.
  9. You & your best friend of childhood are in final year college. You have shared almost every aspect of your lives, the happiness, the sorrows & have come through strong. In your final year annual exam, you find him/her cheating & to a great extent. what will you do ?
  10. Its international politics by U.R Ghai
  11. So reads the cover of the book, have been through nearly 6 chapters. Are these realistic approach, neo realism, structural functional approaches worth it. As such UPSC has become more of an application based exam.
  12. fb pe group bna rhe ho kya ?
  13. Thanks onelasttime ashutosh thanks to u too, but another thing is, I get immune to things.. If I watch that movie daily, I'll loose its magic touch.. But, yeah, will watch it surely
  14. Please help I am actually having loss of sleep for the unknown stress I am taking. I always had been a puller for everybody around me, but these days, no matter how tired / worked up I am, I do not get sound sleep. There are minimal chances of me seeking professional help, because I am in a hospital myself, its a small one, any news spreads like fire. And I don't want hell of the work place know my matters. Damnn !
  15. Smurai - Kashmir issue - good point made, but u know Kashmiris have a feeling of detachment with rest of India, I have my personal experience. there brains have been washed off so nicely, I don't think this is the right time to pick up that issue. gujral doctrine is cool, but here I would like to quote Karzai, who replied "India is our friend but Pakistan is our brother" to 'India or Pak - who's closer'. Do you really think its working ??