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  1. @pankaj: what was the purpose of this section 371 that time..i mean i know the whole issue related to accession of J&K but why was Nagaland given this special article??
  2. norman and lowe is not so easily available but jain and mathur is bulky so read it selectively..but if u read it like a story then u will fiind its each page interesting.
  3. after reading ncert for world history, jain and mathur is the best book
  4. yup that's true. I have also read the same.I think that much is enough becoz many points and evidences are given. Almost a chapter on this is there in the book (Bipin Chandra). But still if you have time to delve in to the depth of the topic then go for more elaborate books like Sumit Sarkar for Modern India.
  5. i hope this will solve your problem...
  6. u should start by ncert, will build ur base then go for books like spectrum or majid hussain
  7. next will be india better us should go for india 2014 bt u can download it from net plus u can read it from mrunal site too..will be beneficial.
  8. but spectrum is not covering south indian culture extensively and that was asked in previous years exam...
  9. thank u..@ssumrai
  10. hello guys...m also doing self study..and m also interested in joining ur league..
  11. hello.... m new here..gping to give exam this year only..i have not taken any coaching classes..My optional is zoology..
  12. but don't u think that removing 370 art will lead to disruption,chaos and riots in the state??