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  1. This is what a description will read like when you use Thesaurus mindlessly. :P

  2. Awww! 😂

  3. :O

  4. @mlessp Nope. watching it for the first time.

  5. RT @SirRohitSharma0: Aft knowing #Ramkumar's deeds... Shakespeare's Quote makes sense that... WHAT LIES WITHIN THE NAME.

  6. Hello guys, Now that I have chosen Philosophy as my optional, I'd really appreciate some guidance choosing the right books for my preparation. What would you suggest - Books for western philosophy, Indian philosophy, social and political philosophy and Philosophy of religion. I've attached a list of books I found on another forum for your reference. I'd like to keep the book limit to 1-2 for my preparation, please help me choose from the list provided below or from your knowledge. I've read in many forums that notes from Patanjali is good. Do you know if I can get a digital copy of the same from someplace? Thanks, Regards, S
  7. Hey, I am preparing for 2015 examination. Even I have decided to go with Philosophy as my optional. What books are you referring to?
  8. Hello, You can also checkout Very helpful website to keep yourself updated on current affairs and other GK topics.