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  1. Instead of improving and cleaning themselves, Union Executive and Judiciary wants citizens to improve and abide by law : #IronicalIndia

  2. When lord krishna defeated jarasandha 17 times then why did he vamose from the battleground, the 18th time? https://t.co/VoaSV4lCwS

  3. I am planning to have socio optional too yet no prep started.
  4. But I have heard that mohapatra sir in socio is very efficient and renowed. Do you know about Upendra Sir? Your reply would be of gr8 help.
  5. Agree with @Saurabh but instead of rau's ias u shud hv postal material of vajiram n ravi ias @ ktmits
  6. I too agree with u sushil even I joined IO to get some guidance from the veterans in this field but I am greatly disheartened.
  7. well they can post it if u order search google u will get further details.
  8. No I think they dont want to know about your percentage in any school or college years rather they are interested in knowing what you are in reality.
  9. i m refering to old ncert n ignou material
  10. Hi everyone, Is anyone aware of the fact that which professors do check our mains answersheets? Please leave your comments if you know it very well.
  11. well they can post it if u order search google u will get further details.
  12. i hv also purchased Goh Cheng Leong's Geography book and spectrum book on geo though I haven't started reading them but I have heard great reviews for both.
  13. hey i got to know that for prelims one can get the photocopies @ Rs. 1500 for both paper of prelims and for mains i will tell u as soon as i get any information.
  14. Hi every1, This is my request to every aspirant with sociology optional. I am in a dilemma as to which Haralombas to be purchased hardcover or paperback? And what is the basic difference between the content.