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  1. thanks again pinkal , probably i have to do some more studying. but frankly speaking i was confused by hindi version of laxmikant. it uses word 'surakshit rakhana' [सुरक्षित रखना ] for'withholding'.
  2. pinkal thanks for answering but i am still confused bcoz according to me withholding anything means stopping that thing for time being with chances of it being cleared in near future. For eg. result of some students is withheld for some reason but it is declared after some time. So my basic understanding is that 'withholding' does not means 'denying or rejecting', it only means stopping it for sometime. So for me question remains the same whether president can say a blunt 'no' to a bill , according to constitution. If my understanding is wrong please correct me.
  3. i am really confused about indian president having power of absolute veto as constitution says Article 111 {Assent to Bills} When a Bill has been passed by the Houses of Parliament, it shall be presented to the President, and the President shall declare either that he assents to the Bill, or that he withholds assent there from: Provided that the President may, as soon as possible after the presentation to him of a Bill for assent, return the Bill if it is not a Money Bill to the Houses with a message requesting that they will reconsider the Bill or any specified provisions thereof and, in particular, will consider the desirability of introducing any such amendments as he may recommend in his message, and when a Bill is so returned, the Houses shall reconsider the Bill accordingly, and if the Bill is passed again by the Houses with or without amendment and presented to the President for assent, the President shall not withhold assent there from. According to me president can only do 3 things- assents to the Bill he withholds assent returns the bill then where the question of saying NO to a bill arises. please clarify this problem. thanks in advance.