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  1. actually I would like to know that which section of times of india newspaper contain flowchart and diagrams..which section and which week days.
  2. as taking psychology optional in the main is notba good step bcoz in psychology subject scoring of marks depends upon examiner thought..that how he deal with dat answer.ur opinion and examiner opinion can be different from both viewpoint.if u have keen interest in taking psychology as a subject then only switch to pshchology otherwise not...
  3. difference between civil service neutrality and civil service activism and also plz recommend the books related to study chapter 8 of paper 2 I.e civil services..plz reply soon
  4. in upsc ias mains, they ask questions related to jargons like 'captain of ship','federation within federation' etc. so how to prepare jargons related to topic...plz help...
  5. how to prepare ethics, integrity and aptitude...I.e gs paper...and also recommend the books related to it...plz reply soon...shubha...
  6. how to prepare gs paper ethics, integrity and aptitude.I want to know the strategy and also plz recommend books
  7. hello....friends.,..