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  1. Dear Fellow Aspirants.. Kindly let me know your views about good postal coaching for General Studies mains 2013. Recently I have come across GKtoday, JTS, Vajiram & Ravi...but confused between them. Since GKtoday is emphasizing more on India culture and as per their plan I am finding not much importance is given to world geography, governance and polity.. As usual JTS is feeding with just information ..... and I currently have only information about Vajiram & Ravi is it is staring only in July last week...after 2 months.. Kindly add on if you have any information regarding postal coaching of any other institution.. Regards Sunil M
  2. Deserts on the western sides of continents are there because cold ocean currents exist off the Western sides of continents. Winds blowing over these currents lose their moisture over the sea and are dry by the time they get to Land - Off Shore Trade Winds Reason for Deserts In the interior of continents Winds blowing over continents are dry by the time they get to the interior of continents. Reason for Deserts on The leeward side of tall mountains Moisture carrying winds are blocked by the side (windward side) of tall mountains. The other side (leeward side) is consequently dry, and deserts may be formed there. Reason for Deserts in Depressions/basins in the interior of continents The surrounding highlands around depressions/basins cause a rainshadow effect leaving the depression dry. Deserts cover a fifth of land on the earth. The Sahara desert is the biggest desert. It takes roughly enough area to equal the United States. A wild fact is that scientists say that because of the amount of precipitation Antarctica gets, it is a desert. There are deserts in every continent but one ...Europe.- Kindly add on if I have missed on any thing or make corrections if required....
  3. Dear Aspirants, Could you tell me what are offshore trade winds and how it is related to Cold current and High Pressure belt ? Regards Sunil M
  4. Dear Fellow UPSC Aspirants, Please give your suggestions regarding enrollment to MOCK Prelims test series. Recently i had come across Mock test series by General studies today. Do you have any other series to suggest..?
  5. Dear Aspirants, The definition of law includes ordinances passed by president and governor also. If these laws are in consistence with the FR..can we challenge in SC ?
  6. The following are the rigid provision of Indian constitution Amendment to these needs approval from at least 50% of states They are 1. Article 54,55 Election of President 2. Art. 73 extent of union exec. power 3. Art 162 extent of state exec. power 4. Art 241 high court for UT. 5. Any list under schedule 7 Please add on if i have missed on anything.....
  7. Nice one...Thanks for the attachment...
  8. Article 366(2) of the Indian Constitution defines an Anglo-Indian as "a person whose father or any of whose other male progenitors in the male line is or was of European descent but who is domiciled within the territory of India and is or was born within such territory of parents habitually resident therein and not established there for temporary purposes only. Kindly let me know what is meaning of "is or was born within such territory of parents habitually resident therein and not established there for temporary purposes only."
  9. Even though the maximum strength of the Lok Sabha is 552, but the present strength is 545. why is this disparity ?
  10. Dear Civil Servant aspirants Lets prepare together and make a difference to our future....