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  1. what is Integrated defence staff menas? what are the functions of this?
  2. Is this the case even if President got the bill request from governor. It menas -- If state legislature(SL) passes the bill --> send to governor --> governor resends to state legislature --> SL resend to governor(without any changes) -->governor sends to President --> president to SL via governor -->SL to president via governor --> now what are the option left out with the President ??
  3. Thanks a lot for quick response ... I hope President is left out with only one power to consult with Supreme court , if the bill comes fr the 2nd time ? Is it true?
  4. if a bill is passed in parliament and sent for the president's approval, If president has sent it back to the parliament for reconsideration but it has been sent back to president without any changes by parliament , then what are options with president in such scenario? i) can still withhold the bill ii) has to give his accent
  5. Is it mandatory to take the prior assent in case of Goods and service tax(GST) newly proposed tax system in INDIA? because as per the const of INDIA, a bill affecting taxation in which states are intrested, should get the prior approval from Prez..
  6. yes, I have history too as my optional, could you please let me know about the ignou material- how useful it is do i need to study any other books apart from ignou material. what course material should I buy such as EHI-07 and what others. moreover from where can i find the IGNOU material. Regards, Anuj Goyal
  7. Could you please let me know some of the good coaching institutes in Bangalore for Pub Ad and History...
  8. any updates will be highly appreciated...
  9. Could someone please let me know the feedback regarding the IGNOU material. Is it a worth read for History IAS - mains examination. Prep4Civils | Blog | Download IGNOU's Indian History material Part 1: Modern India Prep4Civils | Blog | Download IGNOU's Indian History Material Part 2: India Earliest Times to 8th Century Prep4Civils | Blog | Download IGNOU's Indian History material Part 3: History of India from 8th to 15th Century Prep4Civils | Blog | Download IGNOU's Indian History Material Part 4: India from 15th to mid 18th Century Do I need to refer any other book as well? In case yes, please guide me in that too. PS :I am not able to paste the link that why putting it in normal font. just copy paste it in address bar to access it. Regards,
  10. Could someone please let me know the difference between central secretariat and cabinet secretariat. how their functions differ ?
  11. thanks a lot currently i am studying laxmikanth.. then i am planing to start with S Polinaidy...
  12. Could you please let me know from where can i get the Sanskrit Material.
  13. even i am looking for either Pali or Sanskrit. any help would be highly appreciated