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  1. Hello Everyone, I am looking forward to suggestions about which study material out of these three is best as far as GS Mains preparation is considered. Please share your experience. Thanks in advance.
  2. Read instructions given in the link carefully. It clearly says- "Candidates would however be required to indicate their optional subject for the Civil Services (Main) examination, only at the time of applying for the Civil Services Main examination." Untitled Document
  3. I guess, removing optionals is on the long-term agenda of UPSC and they are doing it in phased manner starting with diminished weightage to the optionals. Removing optionals all of a sudden may prove as a burden to some aspirants.
  4. Congratulations.. And more importantly All The Best for the next stage..
  5. Hahaha.. It gives us hope to set smaller targets than the long ones like weekend etc... Seriously hoping that it will come today.. Lets see..
  6. No other option dear... Everybody has gone into "wait and watch" mode..
  7. I am living in the area and the "news" is about this week only. It can be any day from today to Saturday.
  8. Relevant or irrelevant, one thing is true - that place is fun. I was finding it very difficult to spend time these days. That community is a stress-buster.
  9. Started following this thread since last few days. And I could not agree more with you.
  10. We all share this feeling bro..
  12. Latest info from orkut- Result will take 2-3 days.. Max till Saturday..