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  1. Prior recommendation or permission of President is required to introduce bills involving creation of new states. Is he not bound by the advice of Council of Ministers. Actually I was confused by ( AP High Court Judgement on Article 371D "ia. Whether His Excellency will recommend or will not recommend or while taking steps for recommendation what measures His Excellency will take, is his own power. Whether His Excellency, President will act on his own or would be advised by anybody, it is for the President of India to decide". Please clarify.
  2. Hi folks, Can anyone plz tell me if there is any book available in the market o India's relations with the world so that I can have the background clear.
  3. Hi folks..please clarify my doubt : Why the expression 'Union of India' needs to be distinguished from expression "Territory of India"...I am not satisfied with what is explained in DD Basu's Book.
  4. Hi folks..Is stammering an issue in getting through the interview for Ias ?