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  3. RT @MKBHD: To lighten up your #ElectionDay, I’m giving away some phones. 5 random followers who RT this in 24hrs will win a Google Pixel. G…

  4. RT @Nitin_Rivaldo: Agreed! Can't call them terrorists just 4 killing a policeman.Secular euphemisms like Son of headmaster,Bihar ki Bete mu…

  5. :O

  6. Army conducts surgical strikes in Pakistani territory -via @inshorts

  7. RT @PiyushGoyal: The largest electrical expo "Switch" to be held in Vadodara presents a confluence of policymakers, industry and consumers…

  8. RT @bhogleharsha: In case you haven't already seen it. Mariyappan Thangavelu. Saw it 5 times and am still blown by it. Just incredible http…

  9. @mlessp Nope. watching it for the first time.

  10. @RutvikAcharya @Tampishaach

  11. When lord krishna defeated jarasandha 17 times then why did he vamose from the battleground, the 18th time?

  12. RT @bhogleharsha: Seen it all at Wimbledon? Maybe, except the Lendl smile!!

  13. RT @SirRohitSharma0: Aft knowing #Ramkumar's deeds... Shakespeare's Quote makes sense that... WHAT LIES WITHIN THE NAME.

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