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      Rules and Guidelines regarding forum usage   05/30/2006

      Welcome to Indian Officer.com forums. We welcome all Members, Officers and anybody who is interested in Civil Service and encourage all to post as much as possible to strengthen this community. Generally Indian Officer follows categorization rules, where in you are expected to raise relevant query or post in relevant forum board. However if we found any Thread/Post mis-classified we will quietly move that to proper place. As you can understand the first lesson to is discipline, we would only enforce that to those non-complying with following restrictions. No Spamming
      No live external links to any sites. If you have any link suggestion post it at Link segment
      No advertisements either in the post nor in the signature.
      No posting of email ID's by any member in the forum post. If you want to communicate, kindly do so by using either Personal Messenger or if accepted by other members, then email from Indian Officer forum itself.
      No selling of material, books or any other thing which indicates any commercial motives, without explicit permission from Indian Officer team.
      No personal Message to officer. All queries should be raised at appropriate forum.
      No Fake names or fake posts, we strongly would react to those posts in most appropriate manner.
      No blaming, abuse and no arguments.
      No Shouting by repeated posts if that is not replied & we cannot guarantee that all posts would be replied.
      No Posting of Copyright material or trade secret. If any of the above guidelines are not followed by any of the India Officer member, we reserve the right to delete, split, warn, or edit the post or ban or delete the member itself. If you find any voilation of above terms kindly report us at support@indianofficer.com Have fun! Read posting Rules further here Forum Rules India Officer Team

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